998: Wells Banana Bread Beer

Name: Wells Banana Bread Beer
Brewery: Wells & Young’s
Country of Origin: England
City & State: Not Applicable
Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.2%
First Brewed: 2002

Tasting Notes
A silky, crisp, and rich amber-colored ale with a fluffy head and strong banana note on the nose. Its strongly hoppy bitterness has underlying notes of toffee and sweet banana and a dry tangy finish. It is crisp and refreshing on the palate as well.

Ricky’s Thoughts
Oh man, that’s good! You know, they always say, “don’t fruit your beer”. Well, this beer is MADE with fruit! With a name like Banana Bread Beer, I hoped it would be thicker than it was. I wanted it to remind me of eating banana bread… not just the nose and the fruit on the palate. But still, the beer is great.

The nose is pretty much solid banana. It’s not overbearing, but you get a heavy dose of banana on the nose. As much as it smells like bananas, it doesn’t taste that much like bananas. However, mixing the flavors in the beer and the smell of bananas that hangs around well after the beer is open, makes this brew mighty delicious.

I would drink this time and time again if it was readily available. The bottles, however, are larger and it is not sold in 6 packs, only by the bottle. It’s imported from England. Regardless, I would totally buy this beer again. I wonder if this was served in a restaurant if they would serve this with a banana wedge on the rim of the glass? Talk about fruiting your beer! 

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Banana bread beer?  Wow, not sure anything could sound too much better than that.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the two tastes go together quite as good as I thought they would.  The beer smells good enough, but honestly there really isn’t that much hint of bananas in the aroma.  It has a heavier scent when poured, but dies down pretty quickly.

The color of the beer kind of reminds me of dark honey, probably about what you would expect from a beer that’s supposed to taste like banana bread.  Now, maybe it wouldn’t be to other people, but honestly, I found this beer kind of disappointing.  With the label and name of the beer, I expected it to, well, taste kind of like bananas.  However, I couldn’t really find that flavor anywhere in the beer, honestly.  It’s not necessarily a bad beer, and I might’ve liked it better if I hadn’t been expecting the whole banana thing.  But I was.  To me it tastes more like honey or caramel than bananas, and that sounds like it would be good… but it leaves an aftertaste that I’m not really fond of.  And the aftertaste sticks around for a long time.  It’s just flavors that don’t taste that great together, in my opinion.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

Rating: 2/5

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