A Journey of 1001 Bottles

Don’t ask me where we got the idea to drink 1001 bottles of beers… but I am glad there is a book to help us along the way. That is where 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die comes into play. Thanks to Adrian Tierney-Jones, the editor of this compilation, Sheryl and I are ready to start drinking! So we jumped online, ordered the book, and are ready to start chugging back brews.

The beer is thick… VERY thick. I mean, come on… it has 1001 beers in here.

We have decided to name the blog 1001 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. That way, at the end of each blog post, we can tell you how many more we have to drink! The blog itself will be hosted here, where we will share tons of great information about each beer we drink.

We will be sharing quotes about beer (and drinking), photos of the beers we are enjoying, and some pretty detailed information about each brew. We are going to try and post one every day, Monday through Friday, in hopes of building a certain level of consistency. That won’t happen ever week, but that’s our plan.

We are on a journey… an we invite you to come along with us. From tasting the beers to rating the beers, this is our journey of 1001 bottles of beer on the wall.

1001 bottles of beer on the wall…

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