1001: Robert the Bruce

Name: Robert the Bruce
Brewery: Three Floyds Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Munster, Indiana
Style: Scottish Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.5%
First Brewed: 1997

Tasting Notes
Appetizing nose of chocolate brownies, with hints of dried fruit raisins and prunes. Deeply caramelized, maybe even a bit smoky. Sweet and full on the palate, but with this smooth, soft roastiness it’s not cloying. Long cocoa finish. Ah, the joys of malt.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I have had this beer before… but never like this. This is the first beer on our journey of 1001 bottles of beer. As the title says… 1001 bottles of beer on the wall.

I have been to this brewery before. It’s located in Munster, Indiana just south of Chicago. It’s actually located in an industrial park… a very random place for there to be a brewery. Regardless, they pump out some pretty incredible beers and have managed to make a name for themselves with their Alpha King and their Dark Lord Imperial Stout. (This beer is made in VERY small batches, and is often referred to as the best beer in the world.)

Regardless, on to Robert the Bruce. This beer is a Scottish ale… whatever that means. It smells fantastic. I am picking up a hint of chocolate there… makes me think of a nut brown ale… something that isn’t quite as unique as the folks over at Three Floyds want it to be.

After one sip… I want more. The sweetness is apparent, and the beer drinks extremely smooth. Most beers that come from “local” breweries (granted, Three Floyds is anything but local) have a certain carbonation to them… this beer doesn’t. Its smooth, but thick enough so you know it’s not just a typical domestic brew. (Speaking of domestic beers, why aren’t all beers that are made in the United States considered domestic beers?)

This beer is good… most beers that I have had from Three Floyds are. I would drink this early and often if given the chance. It’s not a hard beer to find here in the Midwest… it’s actually one of the most well known beers from Three Floyds. That and the Alpha King.

To sum this beer up… it’s good, not great. Now, may I have another?

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Here we go… first beer.  Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.  First, the smell.  Smells very… solid.  And no, I’m not sure what that means, but it’s the best word I could think of to describe the smell I get from it.  There’s not a lot of head, really.  And it’s kind of a medium-dark beer – not as dark as a porter or stout, but darker than a brown.  And now… the first taste.

Wow.  A very rich, flavorful beer.  It’s kind of nutty.  Definitely not light, thicker and richer than a brown.  But again, not really a porter or stout either.  I don’t really know that much about the specific kinds of beers, honestly.  Beeradvocate.com informs me that this is a Scottish ale, but “ale” is definitely not what comes to mind here.   To me, ales are light, an every day kind of beer.  (Maybe this is the kind of beer that Scots drink every day, since it’s a Scottish ale?)  It does go well with what I have determined to be more of my favorite kinds of beer, which is darker, more browns, stouts, and porters.  Very rich and flavorful with hints of caramel and cocoa.  Definitely one I would buy again!

Rating: 4/5

1000 bottles of beer on the wall…

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