969: Black Chocolate Stout

Name: Black Chocolate Stout
Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Brooklyn, New York
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 10%
First Brewed: 1994

Tasting Notes
Black as ink with a tight brown head. Sweet chocolate and dark-roasted malt in the nose. While cocoa does not dominate, other chocolatelike characters of bitterness, espresso, dark fruits, and burned toast are recognizable. Hugely satisfying with a strong, challenging alcohol kick.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I have had this beer before, and while it doesn’t really taste like chocolate I still love this brew. Not only does it have a HUGE ABV, but I like pretty much everything they make at Brooklyn. Even though this particular beer isn’t made at the actual brewery, it still has their name on it. Plus, I like stouts!

The beer is extremely black, and has a sweet and tempting nose. It smells like what a Guinness looks like it should smell like. (I hate Guinness, just so you know.) It makes me want to be outdoors, or staring out over the mountain tops in a cabin out west. Smell it… tell me you don’t smell that cabin!

The taste is incredible. Starts off smooth, then gets a touch carbonated on the back of the palate. Then… wait for it… it explodes across the back of your mouth leaving you with a dry aftertaste. But the aftertaste is great. It has a certain dark fruit note to it… almost like I just ate a pile of burnt cranberries. But that’s okay… the aftertaste is what brings me back for another sip.

You would never know this beer had 10% ABV. It doesn’t taste that way at all. You don’t smell, or taste the alcohol. Back to the aftertaste; it never leaves. It just sits there. Apparently the folks at Brooklyn want this beer to be drinkable, not one you would sip. They have succeeded at that. Also hear that the longer you leave this in the bottle, the better it tastes and the more chocolate flavor will come out of the beer. It’s a great beer, that’s for sure. A true stout, and one that I wish more breweries would model their stouts after. Well done Brooklyn!

Bottoms up people!

Rating: 4/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Mmm… a chocolate stout.  You can’t beat something chocolate, right?  This beer pours out very thick and dark, almost black, with a thin tan head.  Just the way a stout should look, I think.  Now, I have had some good stouts, and usually what I end up thinking of them is they are either really, really good or just “meh”.  This one has a great smell too it, not too strong, but definitely there.  You can almost smell that chocolate that they promise in the name.  Let’s take a sip.

This is a pretty good beer.  It’s very smooth, and never quite delves into that too-burnt taste that I think some stouts can have.  It’s very rich and flavorful, and does remind me of chocolate.  It’s got a great lasting aftertaste that practically melts in your mouth like dark chocolate.  I think I actually like this beer better than Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, which is a favorite in the world of stouts.  I’d definitely buy this one again when I’m looking for a good stout.

Rating: 4/5

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