971: Wrasslers XXXX Stout

Name: Wrasslers XXXX Stout
Brewery: Porterhouse Brewing Company
Country of Origin: Ireland
City & State: Not Applicable
Style: Irish Dry Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5%
First Brewed: 1996

Tasting Notes
Black with a tan-colored head, it is bitter at first, almost metallic. As the palate adjusts to the bitterness, more complexities come out: luxurious dark chocolate and fine aromatic cigars.

Ricky’s Thoughts
What does that beer smell like… I can’t place it. It’s a dry, perhaps old burnt cigar smell. Yeah, that’s it! It smells like an old cigar. I hope it tastes better than that. We have already done one beer from the Porterhouse Brewing Company, but it was an oyster stout. No way this beer is as bad as that one. Plus, I love stouts and porters, and this one is 100% Irish. We all know how well the Irish make dark beers!

The beer comes onto the palate smooth, and somewhat sweet. Then when it hits the back of the palate you get that familiar Guinness flavor. That’s the “traditional stout” they are talking about. Then you wait for an aftertaste, and don’t really get one. Maybe I had my hopes set too high for this one, but it’s just okay. I don’t like Guinness, and this has about as much flavor as that one.

I hate to see a stout wasted on something like this. Plus, the bottle isn’t even 12 ounces! So not only do you not get a full bottle of beer, it’s also got a VERY low ABV for a beer this dark. I expected it to be 10-12% to be honest. When I saw 5%, I hoped for some more flavor.

This is the last beer from Porterhouse in the book. Good thing, because these beers are weak. I mean, oysters… in beer? Come on guys. Maybe it’s time to hang your hat and call it a day!

Rating: 1/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Beer #2 for the night.  A dark beer.  Now, that’s my kind of beer.  I love the look of this beer.  It’s almost black, very dark, with a cream colored head.  It just looks like a good stout to me.  Smells good too… like dark chocolate.

Wow.  That is a very weird taste.  This beer has a… burnt… taste to it.  Seriously, it’s like drinking burnt meat.  Not really a fan.  This doesn’t really taste like most stouts I have tried.  It definitely has a “meaty” taste to it to me.  And I’m not so sure I really want my beer to taste like meat.  This might be an okay beer to drink with BBQ.  But honestly, other than trying that combination, I’m not sure I would really willingly drink this beer again.  It’s just… weird.  Not a normal beer taste, and not what I would choose for my stout to taste like.

Rating: 1/5

970 bottles of beer on the wall…

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