952: Hoegaarden

Name: Hoegaarden
Brewery: Brouwerij van Hoegaarden
Country of Origin: Belgium
City & State: Not Applicable
Style: Witbier
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.9%
First Brewed: 1966

Tasting Notes
Pear, lemon, and mandarin orange, with a peppery coriander accent, feature in the aroma of this easy-drinking, pale-yellow beer, with a soft balance of citrus fruit, coriander, and close in the taste. Expect a dry and chewy finish with more coriander and cloves.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I have had this beer before. And oh I love this beer! I have to assume that I know how to pronounce it, but I don’t know how to pronounce the brewery. Go ahead… try it. I dare you!

This beer smells very citrusy, and almost clean and crisp in the nose. I would almost want this beer served with a lemon wedge… or a lemon sphere. (Is that what you call it?) Anyway, this beer smells incredible. It’s weird how beers smell so good and then how that can affect the flavor of the beer. The beer also looks carbonated in the glass… let’s see what this brew tastes like.

Whoa! This beer punches you in the face, and that carbonation that I was talking about is still there. It’s actually almost too carbonated. But it settles down as you move into the aftertaste. Speaking of the aftertaste, it sticks around. It lasts for a while actually. This beer would be a good summer beer. Hey, it’s summer… makes sense, right?

The label is actually pretty cool too. Not sure what it means, but when I was sitting at the bar the lady beside me made a comment about it. (I actually used to see her all the time when I went into Kinko’s. She is just a super nice lady!) Anyway, the beer is good. Not too uncommon, as most liquor stores will have it. Bottoms up people because this beer is good to the last drop.

Rating: 4/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
We are at the Beer Sellar again tonight.  I love having a sponsor!  This is a fun bar with great specials and plenty of taps.  I can never avoid sneaking in another pint while we are here because they are only $3 on Monday nights!  You can’t beat that.

Tonight’s beer is a common favorite – Hoegaarden.  Everyone knows what Hoegaarden looks like, right?  It’s a pale yellow in a glass, almost the color of a domestic, but a bit cloudier and thicker with a tiny bit more head.  The smell in the glass is actually really good, and very unique.  It has a sweet, fruity smell to it.  This beer could be an air freshener!  I love the smell.  It’s been a while since I have had Hoegaarden – I don’t even remember what it tastes like.  Let’s find out.

Well, it’s very carbonated.  And the smell quickly dissipates.  It has almost a lemony taste to it, but even that is very slight.  This isn’t a bad beer; it has a pleasant taste to it and goes down very smooth.  It just doesn’t have a ton of flavor to it, in my opinion.  It would definitely be a good summer beer to sip and drink.  I might buy it again, but honestly – it’s just not at the top of my list.

Rating: 3/5

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