955: Petrus Aged Ale

Name: Petrus Aged Pale
Brewery: Brouwerij Bavik
Country of Origin: Belgium
City & State: Not Applicable
Style: Flanders Oud Bruin
Alcohol Content (ABV): 7.3%
First Brewed: ca. late 1990s

Tasting Notes
Vinous, woody nose, which is joined by lemony and green apple notes. There is a very discernible wood character in the taste. Long wooden notes and alcohol warmth in the finish.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I find it weird that there is a beer writer by the name of Michael Jackson. I guess I just can’t get past MJ being the best entertainer ever to walk planet earth. Regardless, this particular Michael walked into the brewery and demanded that this beer, this barrel beer, be bottled. I am on a kick right now with the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, which is one of the best tasting beers I have had… in a long time. Maybe this one will compete.

This is a BIG bottle. Basically a wine bottle. We were able to get two pints out of one bottle. And if I do recall, it wasn’t very expensive. I want to say it was only $6 a bottle. In the glass, the beer looks like a good pale, perhaps a sweet IPA. There isn’t much nose on this brew, perhaps a hint of wet bitterness toward the end… but nothing too exciting. Wonder what it tastes like.

The beer starts with a ton of carbonation on the front of the palate, then you are punched in the side of the head with sour… I am talking a handful of Sweet Tarts sour. Holy crap, that is SOUR! And the sour continues well into the aftertaste. After tasting it, and smelling it again, you can somewhat pick that up on the nose.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad… I mean, it doesn’t taste like an ale. But I wouldn’t say it’s bad by any means. It’s just not what I expected. Especially since the beer says pale on the side of the label. This isn’t your typical pale. But like I said, it’s not bad… it’s just not what you would expect when looking at the bottle or seeing it sit in the glass.

*Beware… this beer is VERY sour. If you don’t like sour stuff, stay away!

Bottoms up people!

Rating:  3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
This is a really big bottle of beer.  We each got almost a pint out of it.  Poured into a pint glass, it looks very carbonated – there are a lot of bubbles floating to the top.  It’s a golden yellow color, only slightly darker than a domestic.  The head is… well, there isn’t much head, but what is there is white.  Like snowy white.  The beer has a very interesting smell.  The closest thing I can think of to describe the smell is that it smells of fruit and honey.  Let’s find out what it tastes like!

Um, wow.  Yeah… that’s a very odd taste for a beer, honestly.  The best word I can think of to describe it is… sour.  Very sour.  It’s slightly carbonated, but that sour taste is really what hits you, and you just can’t get past it.  It even leaves a very sour aftertaste.  It does taste fruity, I will give it that… but it’s like drinking lemonade without any sugar in it.  Highly acidic, fruity, and very sour.  This is definitely not one I will be buying again.  Not my idea of a good choice in beer, at least not what I want my beer to taste like.

Rating: 1/5

954 bottles of beer on the wall…

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