944: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Name: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Brewery: Pabst Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States of America
City & State: Woodridge, Illinois
Style: American Adjunct Lager
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.7%
First Brewed: 1844

Tasting Notes
Brightly carbonated with a sparkling aroma of malt and corn. Crisp and refreshing, the flavor is dominated by malt sweetness with only a slight suggestion of hop bitterness to pave the way for the net quaff straight out of the can.

Ricky’s Thoughts
This beer is an instant classic. I love that it is now associated with hipsters. I was having a conversation the other day with someone, and we were trying to build the perfect hipster. I said start with glasses… with no lenses. Then add skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and a scruffy beard. Of course one hand needs a cigarette and the other a PBR. That is why I am SO happy that everywhere I go, whether online or in the 1001 Bottles book, I find hipsters being referenced. It just solidifies my point.

I have had this beer time and time again. I was initially worried that we wouldn’t be able to find it in a bottle. I have never seen it in a bottle, only cans. And most of the time it’s “tall boy” cans. Birdy’s Bar & Grill, one of my favorite live music venues, sells it and every time I am there I have to have one. It’s just the hipster thing to do!

(Please note that I am going to try a new style of writing these reviews. I will break down what it looks like in the glass, the smell (the nose on the beer), the mouthfeel, the flavor, and the after taste. I will then recap everything with a conclusion. Notice that I started this one with an introduction? Look for that in the future as well. So… here we go.)

In the Glass: In the glass, this looks like just another lager beer. Most lager beers, especially European lager beers, all tend to look the same. They have that crisp and clean apparel to them, and sit in the glass with a weak head and obvious carbonation. Nothing stands out on this beer while it sits there waiting to be sipped.

Nose: You get a TON of carbonation on the nose, and a lot of aroma. More aroma than expected for a beer that is so cheap. This beer is actually one of, if not the cheapest beer in production today. The bottle that we bought was less than $1! We bought this at the Liquor Barn while out of town for the weekend… anyway, moving on.

The aroma on this beer is exciting. It has a lot of corn character. As it sits there and I smell it, I can’t wait to taste it. (I say that having had this beer countless times before. Every time I have had it in the past, it has been based solely on the price. This time, however, I am taking the time to appreciate it.

Flavor: It’s not bad… it has a quick trip across the palate, and then settles on the back of your tongue for a second. This beer would obviously taste better the colder it is, and will in fact get gross as it heats up. I know that from personal experience. The flavors are solid, though, and once you get past that carbonation you are settled into a warm, malty character. It’s good, and one that you could drink a lot of.

Mouthfeel: Holy carbonation… this beer is packed with it from the get go. It doesn’t stand on your tongue for a long time, and as it slides down your throat it is light enough to not stick around into the aftertaste. It’s crisp, clean, and refreshing but that carbonation is almost enough to make me leave it on the shelf.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is solid. That corn character… the malts continue throughout. It’s not a typical lager aftertaste, and it sticks around longer than expected. It’s enough to keep me going back for more.

PBR is cheap… it’s intended for hipsters… but I will order this all day long. I would prefer this over any other domestic beer you throw at me. Well done for such a cheap crappy beer. (I say crappy in the nicest way possible, and from the reputation that this beer has been given over the years.) Bottoms up people.

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Well, this one should be interesting.  It’s the hipster’s typical beer of choice – Pabst Blue Ribbon, otherwise known as PBR.  I can remember hearing about this beer even before I started drinking beer.  It has quite the reputation as a cheap beer to go to when you are looking for a cheap beer.  Of course, you get what you pay for, as always.  Let’s see what we’ve got here.

As pretty much any domestic beer, it pours out thin and yellow into the glass, with just a little bit of head.  It has a pretty weak beer smell to it, the typical smell you expect from a domestic beer as well.  Honestly, though, as I have had PBR before – I would actually prefer it to Bud Light.  It’s not bad as far as cheap beers go, and I have to say that if I couldn’t afford anything better, I’d probably choose it too.

It tastes… well, it tastes like beer.  It’s the kind of beer that makes me think of country music – it’s even mentioned in a Zac Brown song, basically as the typical country man’s beer to drink by the lake.  It’s light and simple, but not bad.  It doesn’t have  a lot of flavor to it, but there are definitely worse beers out there.

Rating: 3/5

943 bottles of beer on the wall…

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