942: Samuel Adams Double Bock

Name: Samuel Adams Double Bock
Brewery: Boston Beer
Country of Origin: United States of America
City & State: Boston, Massachusetts
Style: Doppelbock
Alcohol Content (ABV): 9.5%
First Brewed: 1988

Tasting Notes
This beer pours a tarnished penny color with a relatively thin, but long-lasting, tan head. There is an immediate sweet malty nose that lingers. You can certainly taste the alcohol, but the caramelized malt builds a silky mouthfeel and long satisfying finish.

Ricky’s Thoughts
Well it’s been a LONG time since we have drank a beer. It’s funny, I have been traveling so much we truly have not had time to drink. Well, we have time to drink, but as I always say, this projects lets us drink with a purpose. Anyway, we are back and we had some time this afternoon to write. (I say that as I am about to head to work!)

Today we are drinking a Samuel Adams Double Bock. I have had Sam Adams (what I call them) several times, and their beers are always solid. But this one is part of their Imperial Series. I know that every time I drink an Imperial beer… I am always impressed. Anyway, this one is a Double Bock (following suit for a traditional doppelbock), a German style beer. Speaking of this type of beer, what is it with the goat? All of these beers have a goat on them somewhere. Oh well, let’s drink.

In the Glass: In the glass, it’s thin and has a subtle head. You can’t really see through it, but it doesn’t appear to be that thick of a beer. If I had to say the color, I would say a penny… something with a deep copper color. The head, even when you swirl it around the glass, remains thin.

Nose: This beer smells AMAZING. Oh man, this is one of the most powerful noses that I have ever smelt. It starts sweet, then ends with a bit of oxidation on the back of the nose. It smells wet, and you can pick up the hints of alcohol that this big beer (nearly 10% ABV) has in it. I am sure once I taste this beer, the alcohol will scream at me. Let’s see what this beer tastes like.

Flavor: When a beer has a strong nose, it rarely follows up without the taste. This beer does. Oh man, the taste is amazing, and just as the nose changes on the front of the nose to the back, the flavors change as it goes from the front of the palate to the back of your throat. It starts fresh, and has an almost citrus flavor at first. As it moves back the palate, it becomes dark, smokey, and almost gives you a burnt caramel flavor by the time it finishes. Speaking of the finish, it lasts for a long time. The aftertaste (which I will get to) is consistent and lasts for a long time.

Mouthfeel: The beer, in the glass, doesn’t appear to have a thick nature, but in the mouth it has a subtle thickness to it. Not molasses, but close. Considering how it smells, to how it tastes, I almost want to leave it in my mouth for a while. I can tell that the longer this beer sits, and the closer it gets to room temperature, the better this brew will taste.

Aftertaste: It’s still there! I tell you, a good beer has a solid nose and a great mouthfeel. This beer offers all that, and has the taste to back it all up. This beer is one of the best beers I have had in a long time, and the aftertaste isn’t going anywhere. It’s a big beer, thick a thick IPA, and would go well with red meat or nuts. The aftertaste is thing, but it sticks around for a good three to five minutes after each drink. I bet this beer would be good on tap too.

I have to say, this beer is amazing. I rarely rank a beer this high, but it’s one of the best beers I have had all year. I just had an Ass Kisser Double IPA… and this blows that out of the water. (The Ass Kisser is one of the most popular double IPAs on the market, and has won several awards over the years.) This beer smells great, tastes great, and leaves my mouth wanting more. I am thirsty after each drink, as it leaves the mouth dry… but who cares? It’s delicious, and I just want another drink! Bottoms up people.

Rating: 5/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Wow, it’s really been a while.  Ricky and I have been very busy with traveling and school (for me) and work lately, so we haven’t sat down and reviewed a beer in a really long time.  But it’s nice to be able to get back to it today!

Today’s beer is a Sam Adams.  I really like Sam Adams, for the most part.  As much as I like to try different beers and I also have a few favorites that I like to splurge with from time to time, Sam Adams is always a good beer for me to fall back on.  Almost every bar serves the regular Sam Adams Boston Lager, and I’m fond of that one.  They also come out with a great Oktoberfest beer every year, and one of my favorite beers is their Imperial White.  Today we are going to try another of their imperial series, the Double Bock.

The beer smells fabulous.  I hope it tastes as great as it smells!  This beer has the rich scent of a Belgium beer, or even a barleywine.  I’m not the best at describing how beer smells, but this is a scent that I’ve smelled before, and it always comes with a very rich beer, and I usually end up liking beers that smell this way.  It’s a thick beer, but not too dark.  Kind of a medium brown color with just a little bit of head.  Let’s see what it tastes like.

Wow.  This beer is FULL of flavor.  You can tell it’s an imperial… they always just seem to be super rich and full of a flavor that kicks you in the butt.  This beer is no exception.  It fits well into the Sam Adams imperials.  It’s like the brown version of the Imperial Wheat.  With a strong taste and some acidity, it’s the flavor that makes this beer great.  It pretty much just melts on your tongue.  This is definitely not a beer that you buy to pound at a party to get drunk.  It’s more of a sipping beer.  If you are not sipping it to appreciate the flavor, you are definitely missing out.  I would buy this beer again in a heartbeat.  It’s a good fall beer to have, with spicy fall flavors in it.  This is the kind of beer I’d buy to sit in front of my fireplace with.  Great job again, Sam Adams!

Rating: 5/5

941 bottles of beer on the wall…

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