933: Tommyknocker Butthead

Name: Tommyknocker Butthead
Brewery: Tommyknocker Brewery
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Idaho Springs, Colorado
Style: Doppelbock
Alcohol Content (ABV): 8.2%
First Brewed: 1995

Tasting Notes
This beer opens with a sweet and slightly fruity alcohol aroma, with a rich mahogany color and tan head. The flavor is dominated by caramelized malt and vanilla that surrounds your taste buds, but the finish twists to a slightly tart, dry note.

Ricky’s Thoughts
We miss too many nights. When we started this project, we were going to do one beer a night. It doesn’t take a ton of time to write one of these, but we get busy. Oh well… tonight we are doing two. We are trying to empty the fridge because the researching and buying of the bottles is just as fun! Anyway, tonight we sip a butthead.

In the Glass: In the glass, it’s thick with a syrupy texture… Sheryl said it best; looks like a barleywine. It’s bright and amber, and has a subtle head with tiny bubbles that you expect from a glass of champagne.

Nose: It doesn’t smell like a barleywine. It smells like caramel. It’s got a punch of booze on the nose too, and it has a very sweet aroma. I like a sweet beer. I prefer my wines sweet, but I will take a sweet beer. After a second sniff, I can get a hint of barleywine in there.

Flavor: Whoa… VERY sweet and punches you in the back of the throat with something. Not sure what it was… but I like it. The beer is classified as a doppelbock, but should be a barleywine. The more I think of that and the more I sit here and smell/taste this beer, the more it reminds me of one. I am not a huge fan of barleywines, but the older I get the more I get into them.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel kicks in toward the back of the palate, and on the back of the tongue as and after you swallow. The front half of your mouth doesn’t really feel anything. But that’s okay, because there are a few bubbles toward the front of the palate and you don’t want that going down with a beer this sweet. It’s almost too sweet. Oh wait… here comes the aftertaste.

Aftertaste: Gross. What is that? The aftertaste is like stale bread. It’s horrible. It only lasts for a few minutes, but when it’s there… don’t breathe. It’s horrid. But the burp helps as it brings some of the heat off this big beer back to the surface. The aftertaste isn’t enough to keep me from digging on this beer.

The beer has a cool name. I mean… butthead. Who names a beer butthead? These guys and I like it! I hope to visit their brewpub one day. It would be fun to drink a Butthead from the source. Bottoms up people!

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Ok, I guess we did end up doing two beers tonight after all.  This one is appropriately named – it’s called “Butthead”.  Appropriate because Ricky is a butthead.

The beer is a dark reddish-brown color that looks pretty thick in the glass.  Just the look of it, it almost looks like a barleywine to me.  (I love barleywines!)  There wasn’t too much head on this one either.  It smells kind of cinnamony and rich, again, like a barleywine.  How is this not a barleywine?  Well, let’s find out what it tastes like.

It is rich and has a strong initial flavor, but little to no aftertaste.  Definitely not very hoppy at all, that’s for sure.  The flavor is not as rich as a barleywine, though.  It’s not a bad flavor, but there’s honestly not really a whole lot to it.  It’s got a bit of spice to it at the beginning, but it doesn’t really last and leaves you wondering what you just drank, since you can no longer taste it.  It’s not bad by any means, but it leaves me looking for more.  Not sure if I’d buy this one again, just depends on what else was available.

Rating: 3/5

932 bottles of beer on the wall…

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