904: 90 Minute Imperial IPA

Name: 90 Minute Imperial IPA
Brewery: Dogfish Head
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Milton, Delaware
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA
Alcohol Content (ABV): 9%
First Brewed: 2001

Tasting Notes
The aroma that rises from the creamy head is of dried fruit with a touch of citrus. A full-bodied sip assaults the palate with a balance of teeth-chattering hops and smooth, caramel-like malt.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I have had the 60 Minute IPA… I have had the 120 Minute IPA. But I have not had the 90 Minute. (Note from Sheryl: Yes, he has – he had it with me in Arizona) I had the 120 Minute in Muncie, Indiana, at a sweet little bar call the Heorot. The beer was NOT cheap, but three of us split it. It was a great setting for a very hard to find and very boozy beer. I want to say it is 15%… but I could be wrong. It was VERY thick and delicate, and pretty much destroyed our palates. It was everything I wanted it to be and more!

Tonight we are trying the 90 Minute. I am a BIG fan of IPAs, and I am sure this one will impress me. I like everything that Dogfish Head brings out.

In the Glass: In the glass it looks like a good, polished IPA. That nice rich copper look is what I am looking for when I look at an IPA, and I tend to also look for a creamy head with some solid lace. This one has all of those and more. I haven’t smelled this one yet… which surprises me. Usually a beer like this will scream aroma before I even get it into the glass.

Nose: The nose is loaded with hops, but the citrus really comes out in this one. The hops are not overwhelming, nor is the citrus… but it has a fruity and pleasing nose that any hop head would appreciate. It also smells fresh, and while this bottle has been in our fridge for a while, the beer has stayed true to what Dogfish Head intended.

Flavor: The flavor is solid from the moment it hits your lips. The palate just erupts with flavor and as the beer slides across your tongue and well into the aftertaste you just are overwhelmed with goodness. You get the bitter and you get the hops… you grab the creamy notes from the head. The burp is also good bringing those hops back to the front of your palate. Having had the 120 Minute, this one is like that… but drinkable. You wouldn’t want to drink the 120 Minute fast. You would also want that one at near room temperature.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is great. You start with one sensation and quickly it changes as it moves across the palate. When the beer is finally done destroying your taste buds, the finish is smooth and pleasing. There really isn’t anything wrong with this beer. It is expensive, but it is SO worth it. I was just chatting with a guy on Twitter (@Dr_Rager) and he said he paid $10 for 4 of them. That is a good deal here in the Midwest.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is great. It isn’t as bitter as you want from a beer with this much clout, but the flavor sticks with you. It is like eating a good steak… one that doesn’t require any sauce. That is what I could compare this beer to. The beer, as it heats up, will also provide a more bitter aftertaste.

The beer is good. Dogfish Head continues to impress me, and I look forward to drinking their beers. There are a couple more on our list, so we will be excited to try those. As good as this is, the 120 Minute is WAY better. It is in another league. But still… this, for as easy as it is to get, is a very solid choice for someone who likes a basic IPA and wants to think “outside the glass”. Bottoms up, people!

90 Minute Imperial IPA – The bottle says: “What you have here is an Imperial India Pale Ale featuring a single, constant 90-minute hop addition. It’s balanced by a ridiculous amount of English Two-row Barley. Then we dry-hop it in every tank.”

Rating: 4/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Tonight we are drinking Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA.  I have had this beer before.  Ricky and I actually discovered that they were selling it when we went to see a play in Arizona when we were out there over Thanksgiving last year.  It’s part of a line that they make… there are also the 120 and 60 Minute IPAs.  I think I’ve had them all, actually.  They get more intense the higher you go.

The beer pours out in the glass in the color I would expect from an IPA.  It’s kind of golden reddish brown.  There wasn’t a lot of head.  Ricky poured it from the bottle without tilting the glass and didn’t have to worry about a lot of foam at the top.  You know, maybe I just let mine sit too long, but I honestly don’t get a lot of smell from this beer.  It really just smells wet to me.  But, I know it tastes pretty good, so let’s move on to that.

This beer is really smooth.  The hops and other flavor flows really well together.  I have tried some IPAs that are so hoppy it’s kind of jarring.  This beer isn’t like that.  It’s almost an IPA for people that don’t even like IPAs.  It tastes smooth and buttery, even.  That’s the one smell I kind of thought of when I took a whiff of the beer, butter.  It doesn’t really smell like butter, that’s just what came to mind for me.  That followed through with the taste when I took a sip.  It’s a smooth, velvety taste.  This is a really classy IPA, one that I would drink more if given the chance.  Definitely one I’d pick up again.

Rating: 4/5

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