896: Left Hand Milk Stout

Name: Left Hand Milk Stout
Brewery: Left Hand Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Longmont, Colorado
Style: Milk / Sweet Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.0%
First Brewed: 2001
Price: $1.49

Tasting Notes
Nearly pitch black in the glass, showing a few ruby highlights under a tan head. Chocolate and burned toast in the aroma and flavor constantly balanced by creamy sweetness. The beer turns dry at the finish, leaving a final impression of coffee and cream.

Ricky’s Thoughts
I have had this beer before, but wasn’t impressed. Jake, when we were at Jungle Jim’s, bought a six pack of the Nitro. He drank it room temperature and said it was incredible. I doubted him until I saw a single bottle at the store. I grabbed the Nitro and it was… incredible. It has been a long time since I have tried the Milk Stout, but I am excited to see if my impressions have changed since having the Nitro.

In the Glass: The beer is black as night in the glass. I expect that from any stout. Until I did some research on this one, I didn’t realize this beer didn’t have dairy in it. Being called a “milk” stout, I figured it had some dairy in it. Learn something new every day!

Nose: It smells like a sweet, chocolaty stout should. We are drinking this right out of the fridge, which like most beers is a mistake, but I am letting it sit there and warm up a little before tasting it. Beers like this, depending on the ABV and the overall thickness of the beer, can easily be served as a dessert.

Flavor: Having had the Nitro a few weeks ago, I am glad that this one came later. Now it gives me a whole new respect for what a good stout should taste like. From what I remember, this beer wasn’t that good. It didn’t have a lot of flavor and was very weak in terms of the aroma and the overall taste. I was wrong. Whoa. This beer is loaded with sweets that end with the expected dryness of an Irish stout.

Mouthfeel: It has a little bit of carbonation up front, but then smooths out and leaves a velvety mouthfeel as you swallow. The beer also opens up as you swish it around in your mouth begging for those additional flavors. I can imagine this beer tastes better warm. Good call Jake!

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is weak compared to the flavors you get when drinking… but the dryness that takes over is worth it. The dryness was unexpected, and while I want the sweetness to stick around, the dryness is a nice change of pace. I like it!

This beer rocks. I have to admit, I went in thinking this beer would suck. It doesn’t. It is loaded with flavor. I almost think it has more flavor than the Nitro. The Nitro is better, in terms of mouthfeel and just the overall experience that you get… but this one isn’t far behind. I like it, and while I walk around the house saying, “Moo”… bottoms up!

Left Hand Milk Stout – The bottle says: “NA”

Rating: 4/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts
Tonight we are drinking a Left Hand Milk Stout.  I have had this beer a couple of times before, and I have not really been that impressed with it.  I love the way the bottle looks, and I love the name of it and a milk stout sounds like it should be good to me, but for whatever reason it just hasn’t appealed to me.  Maybe this time will be different, who knows.  Let’s find out.

The beer pours out very dark in the glass, typical of a stout.  It foamed up with a lot of head… in fact mine still has about a quarter inch of head clinging to the glass, and it has been sitting here for several minutes.  It doesn’t have a very distinctive smell to it, really.  Mostly the only thing I can smell is malt.  Time to try it.  I hope by sitting here it’s had time to warm up a bit.

It has warmed up a bit, and actually does taste a little bit better than I remember.  It does taste kind of malty and “milky”, so to speak.  I think it’s almost overly so, and that results in an aftertaste that I don’t like much.  I like the flavor at first, but I get over it pretty easy and would not drink more than one of these, and would probably have a hard time finishing even one full one, honestly.  It’s an ok beer, but I’d definitely have to be in the right mood to order one or buy a bottle.

Rating: 3/5

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