886: Abita Turbodog

Name: Turbodog
Brewery: Abita Brewing
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Abita Springs, Louisiana
Style: American Brown Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.1%
First Brewed: 1989
Price: $1.49

Tasting Notes
Pours a deep brown with ruby highlights; hints of roasted nuts and chocolate on the nose. Sweet chocolate and toffee on the palate. Coffee rather than hop bitterness at the end.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I have had this beer before, and all I can remember is the label (the name rather) and the coffee at the finish. I really dig dark beers that have a chocolate and a coffee flavor… and this one has both! It’s cheap, too. I have had a few beers from Abita, but this one stands out among them all. Let’s start drinking, shall we?

In the Glass: It’s dark in the glass. Looks more like a porter than an American brown ale. It has a nice head, too, and produces a thin lace when I swirl it around in the glass. Based on the tasting notes, I can’t wait to smell this thing!

Nose: The nose is just loaded with malty notes. It doesn’t have an impressive nose, and for as dark as this beer is, you expect more. You do get some toffee-like notes in the aroma, and the dark chocolate is definitely there. Not smelling the coffee… but you just wait!

Flavor: You start with some dark chocolate notes, then the bubbles take over and turn your palate upside down. Then you get hit with the coffee flavors that leak into the aftertaste. After a few swallows all you can taste is coffee. Imagine taking a pile of coffee beans, grinding them up, and tossing that on your tongue. That is this aftertaste. I like it… not bitter, but just a nice balanced coffee flavor.

Mouthfeel: It starts almost flat, but as you swallow the bubbles overtake the middle of the tongue. Then it ends with a smooth and balanced malt character. I would like this beer, based on the aftertaste, to be a bit thicker… but it will do.

Aftertaste: Can you say, “coffee”? Holy cow is that a crazy coffee aftertaste. It doesn’t hit you at first… you have to swallow a few times before the coffee notes start to stick out. But once you do, man… what a flavor. The aftertaste is really the best part of the beer.

Not a huge fan of this beer, but I really dig that aftertaste. That, and I like the name. I don’t like dogs though… (Note from Sheryl: this is a lie) go figure. This is the only Abita Brewing beer in the book, but this is their most well known. If you like an easy drinking malty beer that packs a punch (pretty decent ABV, too) then grab a six pack of Turbodog. Bottoms up, people!

Turbodog – The bottle says: “Turbodog is a dark brown ale brewed with pale, caramel, and chocolate malts and Willamette hops. This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavor.

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

I don’t really have much to say about tonight’s beer beforehand.  I know it is Turbo Dog, which sounds familiar, so I may have had it before.  I’m not sure.  It looks very dark in the glass, pretty much black.  I like porters and stouts, which tend to look like this, so maybe it will be good.  It didn’t have a lot of head, which is saying something, considering a lot of our beers lately made the trip to Arizona from Indiana and seem to have a lot of head when we pour them into the glass.  Not this one.  It is thick and dark with a very thin, creamy head on top.  It smells kind of like a stout, with a dark chocolate sort of scent to it.  Let’s see what it tastes like.

This beer has a little bit of carbonation to it, and at first sip it kind of tastes like a Coke.  It actually does have a lot of the chocolate flavor to it, and almost a bit of burnt dark chocolate, if that makes sense.  It’s not too carbonated, but the flavor does remind me just a bit of cola syrup.  Yep, a cross between that and dark chocolate.  It’s not bad – probably the better of some of the dark beers that I’ve had.  Honestly, though, it’s kind of average or ordinary.  It’s good, and I might buy it again if it’s not too expensive, but not necessarily anything worth remembering or writing home about either.  Let’s go with middle-of-the-road.

Rating: 3/5

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