876: Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

Name: Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast
Brewery: Mikkeller
Country of Origin: Denmark
City & State: København, Denmark
Style: American Double / Imperial Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 7.5%
First Brewed: 2005
Price: $9.99

Tasting Notes
The genius of this beer is in the use of Centennial and Cascade hops, which means that the malts and coffee don’t overwhelm completely. There’s a balance of bitter chocolate-covered raisins and coffee beans with a lighter, tingly freshness that makes it refreshing enough for brunch.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I am stoked for this one. I have been seeing this at Total Wine for ages, but the $10 price tag always scared me. But now that we are reviewing the beer, I am excited to try it. And my good friend Jake said it’s good… and Jake knows good beer. Oh, and it’s early Saturday morning. We are going to pop this before lunch, so in theory… this IS our breakfast. We are both beer geeks, so a beer called Beer Geek Breakfast makes sense! I am not sure I have had many, or any beers from Denmark. But you throw coffee into anything and all of a sudden you have a tasty treat. Can’t wait to try this one! (I wonder if we should make some eggs and bacon to go along with it…)

In the Glass: This beer is dark as night, and has a nice, thick tan head. The lace is also pretty nice, and just hangs on to the side of the glass for dear life every time I swirl. This is what a nice, full-bodied stout is supposed to look like in the glass. Oh, and there is a bunch of stuff floating in the bottom of the glass. Not sure what that is!

Nose: Not as an impressive nose as I had hoped. I wanted more coffee and less stout notes. It smells like an oatmeal stout, really. I am seriously not getting any coffee on the aroma. A second sniff didn’t provide any coffee notes, either. It says right on the bottle, “OATMEAL STOUT BREWED WITH COFFEE”. I hope I can taste the coffee!

Flavor: Whoa, the flavor is intense! There is a lot of stuff going on here. I will revisit the coffee flavors in the aftertaste. The beer starts out a little boring, then the bubbles explode across the palate and leave a thick, creamy mouthfeel. I will talk about that in a second, too. The first flavor is what you expect from a nice oatmeal stout, you start to taste those malts. Then it balances itself out nicely and leaves you with a hint – never overwhelming – of coffee flavors. You seriously taste about ten different things here, all the while reminding you that this is a beefy stout. The burp is nice, too.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel on this is incredible! It’s boring at first, but then the thickness and the creaminess really sets in as you swallow. Your mouth is just covered with flavor as you drink. I actually don’t want to swallow because the mouthfeel is so nice. You can tell a lot of attention has been paid to this beer, and again, while the coffee isn’t as obvious as I wanted, I can see past that for the enjoyment I am getting out of this nice, well-balanced stout.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is nice. That’s about all I can say about it. The flavors aren’t overwhelming, but the creaminess that you experience in the mouthfeel is still there. It just leaves your mouth happy. Every time I swallow for a good three minutes after each drink, the same taste profile is there.

Bravo to the guys over at Mikkeller on making a great bottle of beer. Their Black is on our list, too. I wonder how that one will compare to this. For anyone that likes a good coffee stout, ignore this one. The coffee isn’t really there for me. But for someone that likes a good, drinkable and well-balanced oatmeal stout… bottoms up!!!

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast – The bottle says: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to beer geeks, like Mikkeller, a hearty, complex stout is the tastiest way to begin the day. This unique mix of an oat and coffee stout creates an intense, full-bodied beer, which is surprisingly balanced and full of new taste adventures with every sip.”

Rating: 4/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Well, today we are having Beer Geek Breakfast for… breakfast.  Actually, it’s like noon, but we just got up not too long ago (late night out last night).  This beer comes pretty highly recommended, so I hope it is good.

In the glass, it looks very dark and very thick with a lot of head when poured.  Like, it’s black.  And there is no seeing through this thing.  There are also a lot of little bits floating around in the bottom of the glass.  What the heck is that?  Hmm.  It smells… like a thick stout.  But nothing too crazy, honestly.  I expected this beer to smell amazingly good, but there’s really not much of a strong scent there that I can tell.  What I can get out of it reminds me a little bit of brown sugar.

Ok, first sip.  My first thought is that it tastes like I’m drinking a milkshake.  That’s how thick this beer is, especially with a little bit of foam left on top.  Wow, that is just really, really thick.  I think I would honestly rate this as the thickest beer I have ever tried.  It also has a bit of a chocolaty, malty taste.  I think we have found the chocolate milkshake of beers, folks.  The flavor is good, a bit carbonated, but really not much at all, just a tad.  You know, I like it, and I might buy it again, but I still wouldn’t be able to put it on my top 10 list.  But the more I drink it, the better it tastes.   Definitely one to try.

Rating: 4/5

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