870: Bikini Blonde Lager

Name: Bikini Blonde Lager
Brewery: Maui Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Lahaina, Hawaii
Style: Munich Helles Lager
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.5%
First Brewed: 2006
Price: $1.99

Tasting Notes
The Bikini Blonde Lager wears a slightly cloudy straw gold and a thick white headdress. The subtle nose is briskly sweet with grassy, haylike hop aromas. With a refreshing effervescence, the flavor profile is lightly sweet with a good balance, noble hop character, and a dry finish.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I didn’t have this when I was in Hawaii, but we did have the CoCoNut Porter. That beer, which is one of the best porters on the planet, is still one of my favorites. I know Sheryl LOVES that beer. Maybe it was because it was one of the first beers we had on the island… but it still stacks up to anything on the market today. I haven’t had this offering. I wasn’t impressed with their IPA, so I hope their Helles lager is better. I find it interesting that they only can. At the same time, a lot of breweries are going to cans. It’s cheaper, faster, and the beer tends to taste better. We shall see with the Bikini Blonde Lager. Bottoms up, people!

In the Glass: It is pretty boring in the glass. It is light, gold, and looks like a regular domestic beer. I know it’s not… and while it is still made in the United States, is not considered a domestic beer. But it looks pretty boring in the glass. It looks like something I would typically chug.

Nose: It has a typical blonde/light lager aroma to it. Nothing to write home about, but something semi-sweet that makes me want to see what this beer tastes like. I like the design on the can, too. I mean… it’s called Bikini Blonde Lager. There is a bikini blonde on the can. It’s only fitting!

Flavor: The flavor is pretty basic. It’s not overwhelming, and with such a low ABV, is totally something I could see pounding during a football game or on the golf course. I can see why people on the island like this beer. It’s a good, easy drinking beer to have while outside, on the beach, in the hot summer nights.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is thick, somewhat creamy, and provides you with the type of mouthfeel you expect from a craft beer. Having had their porter, this doesn’t even come close. So I might be a little biased. But this is still a solid beer for someone that doesn’t already drink craft beer, or someone that isn’t into thick, dark beers.

Aftertaste: There isn’t much of an aftertaste. What is there is a lingering dryness that keeps me going back for more. Imagine chugging a pint of Coors Light. That aftertaste… only a little bit sweeter and somewhat dry. Again, nothing to write home about.

This beer isn’t something I would order on a regular basis. I also don’t live in Hawaii. I wonder what the locals think of this beer… I am sure it’s popular with the surfer dudes! I like it, but it’s not great. Not their best offering, but something I am glad I got the chance to try.

Bikini Blonde Lager – “The can says: “Cans eliminate light damage and recede the risk of oxidation, keeping that craft brew fresher than in bottles!

“Cans are lighter, chill quicker, and can be enjoyed on beaches and in sensitive environments. Aluminum is the most recycled and more eco-friendly material.

“Bikini Blonde is a fresh handcrafted Helles lager brewed with the finest German hops and barley, not skimpy on flavor… bold, smooth, and refreshing.”

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Tonight we are doing a beer from the brewery that makes my favorite beer, the CoCoNut Porter.  This one is a bit different.  It’s a lager, not necessarily one of my favorite types of beer.  But we’ll give it a chance.

In the glass, the beer looks very yellow.  It had a lot of head when poured out.  While it does look kind of thick, it also has some transparency to it.  And bubbles… plenty of little bubbles floating to the top.  There really is not much smell to it, though.  It has a little bit, but smells pretty typical of what I would expect a lager to smell like.  Let’s hope it tastes better than that, but I don’t really have that high of hopes, honestly.

This beer does have a good flavor to it, but it’s honestly pretty typical of most craft beer ales that I have tried.  They definitely taste better than just your standard domestic beer, but there’s not much to distinguish them from what else is out there.  Don’t get me wrong, this beer is ok… but that’s just it.  It’s just ok.  The flavor it has is, well… pretty boring.  This might be a good summer beer, or if you were just looking to drink something simple in Hawaii (since that is where it is made and where I first tried one of their beers, after all).  Overall, while it is an easy drinking beer, it really isn’t anything overly special.  But maybe special isn’t what you are looking for.  If you want an easy drinking, flavorful lager, this might be the one for you.  And I would approve.  Although I probably wouldn’t buy it again, since it’s not my usual type.

Rating: 3/5

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