868: Coopers Sparkling Ale

Name: Coopers Sparkling Ale
Brewery: Coopers Brewery Limited
Country of Origin: Australia
City & State: Leabrook, Australia
Style: English Pale Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.8%
First Brewed: 1862
Price: $1.99

Tasting Notes
Light blond body, clouded by yeast and complemented by a solid head and subdued floral aroma. The fruity overtones and mostly bitter finish makes this beer a perfect pairing with steak.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I feel like I have had this beer before. But according to Untappd, I haven’t. Oh, and it’s FREEZING cold outside. Fine, it’s 50… but that’s cold for the desert! This is the coldest that it has been since we moved here, so I would rather be drinking a winter warmer. Emphasis on the warmer! But tonight we are drinking the Coopers Sparkling Ale. I assumed it was a cider, but it’s an English Pale Ale. Hopefully there are some nice hops in there. Let’s drink!

(By the way, I am writing this by the fire. So… it’s fireside chat, with 1001 bottles!)

In the Glass: It is goldfish yellow in the glass, and reminds me of the Fretzy’s unfiltered ale. Just a glass of liquid yeast, really. It has a nice, thin white head and a decent amount of lace for a pale. Not sure the big differences between an American pale ale and an English pale ale… but I bet there aren’t many hops used in this brew.

Nose: It has a nice, somewhat fruity aroma to it. Not what I was expecting from a pale, that’s for sure. But it smells somewhat wet, and fresh. The freshness has to be coming from the yeast. Not sure what yeast strain they used here, but I bet this is loaded with carbonation and yeasty flavors.

Flavor: Not as much carbonation as I expected, but the flavor is really unique. There is some citrus flavor on the front of the palate, and then it gets almost sweet as you swallow. The flavor seems to change as you drink this, too. I wouldn’t call this a pale ale by any means… but it is loaded with complexity and with flavor. There are are a few Coopers beers on our list. I just hope they are all this good!

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is nice. It has a few bubbles at the start, but then quickly mellows out as you drink. I would say the best part of this beer is the aftertaste.

Aftertaste: The beer goes from bubbles to sweet to dry… just like that! And I like that. I like sweet flavors, but I also like dry flavors. That is why I use extra dry vermouth in my martinis. This isn’t that dry, but it has a lingering dryness that some might want to mask, but one that I hope stays around. Like I said, the aftertaste is the best part of the beer.

This is my first time drinking the Coopers Sparkling Ale, and I am leaving this glass impressed. It’s not great, but it’s a good pale ale that produces a pretty incredible aftertaste. I wish I could rate each one of these categories on a scale of 1 to 5. But overall, the beer isn’t quite at a 4. But it was close! Bottoms up, people.

Coopers Sparkling Ale – The bottle says: “Coopers Ales and Stouts are brewed using the centuries old top fermentation method, and natural bottle conditioning resulting in a characteristic fine sediment forming on the base of the bottle. This sediment is completely natural, and can be gently mixed before drinking or poured carefully leaving the sediment in the bottle.”

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Well, here we are again.  Let’s jump right in.  I don’t really know much about this beer going in like I do some of them.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never had it before.  Mine poured out with not much head, but I know that the glass that Ricky had did have some.  It looks very orange in the glass.  It is kind of a golden orange – a little cloudy, but not a lot.  There are also a few tiny bubbles floating up to the top.  It smells a little bit fruity, not hoppy at all.  The fruit is mostly what I get out of the smell, but yet it’s not really a fruit beer.  You know how you can smell the orange with the wheat when they put one on top of a wheat beer like Blue Moon?  It’s kind of like that.  Let’s see how it tastes.

It tastes pretty carbonated, almost like some kind of soda.  That’s the first thing that hits me.  After that, I notice some kind of honey fruit sort of taste.  This doesn’t really seem to be a complex beer with a lot of flavors, mostly just the carbonation and honey fruit taste.  And that’s it.  It’s a good flavor.  I do kind of like it, but it is very simple.  I think I would really enjoy this as a summer beer.  It would be good to drink outside on a warm sunny, summer day.  This might be one I would pick up again if I were in the mood for it.

Rating: 3/5

867 bottles of beer on the wall…

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