858: Sagres Preta

Name: Sagres Preta
Brewery: Sociedade Central de Cervejas
Country of Origin: Portugal
City & State: Vialonga, Portugal
Style: Euro Dark Lager
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.3%
First Brewed: 1940
Price: $1.29

Tasting Notes
Tan head sits atop a near-black beer. Some caramel and sweetened coffee with cream in the nose, and a lightly sweet flavor checked only by roast, faint bitterness. Very quaffable.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I have no idea what this beer is about. I see this all the time at Total Wine & More, and I didn’t realize it was a Heineken product. But I have seen the logo somewhere… I just don’t remember where. Besides Total Wine that is. Perhaps it has something to do with soccer. When I was in Poland, we went to a few soccer matches. Maybe that is it. Not sure… but I am excited to drink this low ABV beer. Especially when the tasting notes mention caramel and sweetness. I love my sweets! Let’s see what this cerveza tastes like.

In the Glass: It pours thin, but very dark. Black, really. The thin head is in fact tan, but is gone quickly. There is little to no lace, as well. I am hoping this beer smells as sweet as they say!

Nose: Yep. It does! There is a ton of sugary sweetness in the aroma. Not really smelling caramel, but I love the sugars I am picking up. Not having had this beer before, I have to assume (based on price and the thin lace) that this should be drank cold. Or is it drunk cold. Either way, drink this beer cold. We pulled this from the fridge and are drinking it as cold as we can. Let’s see if that sweetness carries over into the flavor.

Flavor: It does… a little. But this beer smells WAY better than it tastes. There isn’t much flavor here until the aftertaste. We will get to that. Not sure why I had higher expectations, but this beer is really disappointing. There is no caramel in the flavor, and what sugars I get are toward the end. Those sugars taste burnt and over saturated. This might be OK on draft and in a huge cup during a sporting event, but I wouldn’t order this at a bar. I am not even sure food would help this one.

Mouthfeel: There is a ton of carbonation going on here. It kicks off and stays full of bubbles until you swallow. The beer is also thin (as it appears in the glass) and goes down smooth. This is nothing to write home about.

Aftertaste: This is the best part of the beer. As soon as you swallow, what sweetness there was is gone. However, you get some burnt sugar flavors that rest easy on the tongue. If you like that taste, then you will want to finish this beer every drink just to experience those flavors.

This beer might be nice for those living in Portugal, but my palate is more advanced than this. Not trying to be a snob here… but man, this is just not a good beer. Glad it was a small bottle! Oh, and the burp provides more of those burnt sugar flavors. Now I want to light up some sugar and see if I can replicate that flavor.

Sagres Peta – The bottle says: “NA”

Rating: 2/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

So Ricky tells me that I need to make my beer reviews more interesting.  Part of it, though, is that that last beer really was boring.  This one at least looks more interesting to me.  It’s a dark beer.  Not a lot of head, but very dark and thick in the glass.  I can’t see through the glass, and the beer is almost black.  It has an interesting smell to it also.  When I first got a whiff of it, I would say it kind of smelled like molasses.  Molasses, brown sugar, syrup… all of the above come to mind when I smell this beer.  I like it.  I hope it tastes as good as it smells.

First taste is pretty disappointing.  On my first taste, I actually got almost no flavor at all.  The second taste is actually much better.  There’s a lot rolling around in there.  On one hand, it tasted a bit like a flat Coke.  That kind of coincides with the syrupy scent I smelled.  But as far as beer goes, it kind of tastes like a brown ale.  I like brown ales, and this one is ok, but not great.  It has a bit of a smoky taste to it, though, which I kind of like.  This beer is just hard to pin down when it comes to the flavor.  And I don’t understand how the first drink had almost no flavor at all, when now I can’t even pin down the different flavors I’m getting.  I keep drinking more to try to figure out what I’m tasting, which makes it hard to enjoy the beer.

I’m not sure about this one.  I can’t say it’s bad, that’s not true at all.  But I’m not sure it’s my favorite, either, at least not right now.  I could see myself drinking more of this and getting used to all the unusual flavors I get out of it.  Might be one I try again just to figure it out.

Rating: 3/5

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