844: Coopers Best Extra Stout

844 - Coopers Best Extra StoutName: Coopers Best Extra Stout
Brewery: Coopers Brewery Limited
Country of Origin: Australia
City & State: Leabrook, Australia
Style: Foreign / Export Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.30%
First Brewed: 1862
Price: $1.99

Tasting Notes
Expect roast-malt darkness of this beer, which pours with a thick light brown head. Careful consideration of aromas may reward with coffee, smoked wood, and licorice. A velvety mouthfeel is followed by hints of chocolate and a bitter finish.

Ricky’s Thoughts

This is our last beer from Coopers, and I am OK with that. I didn’t really care for their other beers, but this one looks really good in the glass. Not sure why I didn’t like the other ones, but we did their Extra Strong Vintage Ale and their Sparkling Ale. We are actually running out of beers in the fridge, so we need to go shopping. But this one sounded good. We have a Christmas beer and a barleywine left. Oh, and the Firestone Walker anniversary ale. But I wanted to drink this because it’s cold outside, and a beer reaching 7% is sure to warm us up this evening. Let’s see what the Coopers Best Extra Stout tastes like.

In the Glass: It looks really nice in the glass. It had a certain thickness in the bottle, which is probably due to the bottle conditioning. It looks thick in the glass, with a nice thin tan head. The lace is pretty basic, but the head just hangs on. I can also smell this as it sits on my desk. I could smell it as I poured it in the glass. This has some promise.

Nose: As I was pouring this, I could smell it. I was just sniffing malt as this thick near black beer poured into the glass. After I stuck my nose in the glass, I got a mellow, almost stale (but pleasing) malty aroma. There are no hops here. Just thick malty goodness. I hope the flavor stands up to the aroma.

Flavor: It is not as thick as I expected. There are a lot of bubbles rushing around my tongue as I swallow. There are also a lot of flavors, though. The flavor is actually quite complex. At first, it has a weird rubbery taste, then it smooths out, becomes somewhat dry, and some hop bitterness kicks in. Based on the aroma, you would never know there were hops in here. I think the best part if the aftertaste. I am impressed with how fast it becomes dry, and how long that flavor hangs on. For a beer that came from Australia, it also has a good price point.

Mouthfeel: Not a huge fan of the mouthfeel. It has too much carbonation and while I can tolerate bubbles, I don’t want them in a stout. If I drank this in a blind taste test, I would never think this beer was a stout. Before I can even swallow, the dryness is creeping in and hangs on well into the aftertaste.

Aftertaste: Hands down the best part of this beer. Before I even start to swallow, my mouth if drying. Then, in true Irish (ironic) fashion, the dryness shows up and hangs on. (By the way, the burp isn’t very good. I had a black bean burger for lunch, so that might be part of it. Still tasting that!) Every time I swallow, my mouth just begs for another drink. You get a lot of hops in the finish.

Coopers Best Extra Stout has a nice malty aroma and a lovely hoppy dry finish. I didn’t have big expectations here, but I am impressed with this offering. I would like to try this not only on tap, but nitro. I bet that would mellow out the bubbles a lot. Anyway, I am impressed. Sad to see Coopers go, but there are a LOT of other beers out there for us to try!

Coopers Best Extra Stout – The bottle says: “Coopers Ales and Stout are brewed using the centuries old top fermentation method and natural bottle conditioning, resulting in a characteristic fine sediment forming on the base of the bottle. This sediment is completely natural and can be gently mixed before drinking or poured carefully leaving the sediment in the bottle.”

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Today’s beer really looks like one I would like.  It’s a stout, and I’m a big fan of stouts and porters.  But it’s from Coopers, and if I remember correctly, I haven’t been too big of a fan of their beers.  But we’ll see.

It looks very much like a stout in the glass.  It is thick and very dark, almost black.  There wasn’t a lot of head on it when Ricky handed it to me.  If it was a little bit thicker, it would almost look like a glass of liquid dark chocolate (which sounds really yummy!).  It smells a lot like dark chocolate too; there is a very sweet and malty aroma to it.  There looks to be little to no carbonation in it, but that’s not uncommon for a stout.  Let’s see how it stacks up to some of the other stouts that I’ve tried.

This beer has a lot of different flavors going down.  I taste some roasted coffee in there, I think, and that is the aftertaste that you are left with as well.  It doesn’t taste as thick as it looks at first in the glass, at least not the mouthfeel.  There’s a little bit of dark chocolate taste, but it’s not as sweet as I imagined.  It’s actually more malty than sweet.  And it gets better the more you drink it.  The first drink hits you with an odd taste, but the more you drink it, you get used to that taste and are left with a roasted character of coffee and malt flavor.  It’s not bad.  Maybe not the first stout on my list when I’m looking for one, but definitely one I would consider.

Rating: 3/5

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