849: Lagunitas Pils

Name: Lagunitas Pils
Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Petaluma, California
Style: Czech Pilsner
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.2%
First Brewed: 1996
Price: $1.99

Tasting Notes
Super-bright, spicy, Saaz hops with hints of grassiness and a clean maltiness on the nose. On the palate, a moderate body, but not particularly sweet, with a robust bitterness building. Finishes with a long, elegant and herbal sort of bitterness.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I pretty much like everything this brewery makes. I didn’t care for the Brown Shugga’ the first time I had it, but we tried it again on the blog so I put more attention to the overall flavor profile. They just released Lagunitas Sucks, which is a really nice citrus forward IPA. Oh, and their cappuccino stout is delicious. I have had this one before, but I am excited to try it with attention to the flavor. This one has been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks, and we will be drinking it ice cold. Bring it; I’m thirsty!

In the Glass: It’s clean, thin, and gold in the glass. Looks like a domestic, to be honest. The beer does offer a decent lace that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve had this before, and gave it a 5/5 on Untappd. It’s been a while, so I hope I still like the flavor.

Nose: That smells like beer should smell. It is clean, and you really get the Saaz hops coming through. It is almost grassy/earthy on the nose. Smells like beer smells in Europe. I guess this IS a Czech pilsner! I really like this style, too. I call beers like this “chugging” beers.

Flavor: It’s not sweet, but it’s close. It is bittersweet, maybe. The flavor explodes when you take the first sip, and then it changes and becomes more complex as you swallow leading to a wonderful dry aftertaste. I have a few double pilsners in the fridge. I actually prefer this one over them. This is just lovely!

Mouthfeel: It starts off thin, then gets dry toward the back of the palate. Not a lot of bubbles here, which I might have expected just thinking about previous pilsners I have had. But the flavor profile literally changes as you swallow and the aftertaste is incredible. I will stop mentioning the aftertaste and will just go talk about it!

Aftertaste: I swallowed the beer five minutes ago… and the aftertaste is still there. The flavor ends dry on the palate, and then there is a swallow or two of sweet. When the sweetness leaves, and the dryness kicks in. Imagine the flavor you get after licking bamboo. That is what I am tasting here. Not sure if I have ever licked bamboo, but that is the flavor that I am thinking of. It is earthy and dry, and hangs on for a long time. Great flavor!

I rated this beer 5/5 on Untappd the first time I had it. Not sure when that was, but I am giving it the same rating again today. It looks boring in the glass, but the Saaz hops really make this a powerful and delicious brew. The founder of the brewing company thinks this is the best beer they make. He might be right! Drink this fresh, drink this cold, and enjoy! Bottoms up, people.

Lagunitas Pils – The bottle says: “NA”

Rating: 5/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Uh oh.  Today’s beer looks suspiciously like another boring lager.  I shouldn’t say that.  In fact, I should probably start really evaluating lagers better, even though I don’t like them as much.  Let’s try that today.

Well, today’s beer does look like a lager in the glass.  The color is a very golden yellow, leaning a bit towards orange even.  And there are tons of little tiny bubbles rising to the top of the glass, so I’m going to guess that it’s pretty carbonated.  It had some head when poured out, but not a lot now.  What is there is this creamy white foam still sitting at just the top of the glass.  It’s a thin head, but it’s definitely still there, at least over the top of the beer.  The beer is also very transparent in the glass, what makes it look like a lager to me.  As far as the smell, well, I kind of love it.  This beer smells just like bread dough.  I’m not sure what that means the beer will taste like, but it makes me want some bread.

Hmm.  Well, I do have to say that this has more flavor than most lagers I’ve tried.  It definitely tastes a lot better than a domestic.  Ricky says it’s actually a pilsner.  It’s hard to describe what it tastes like.  It’s a lighter beer, but has more flavor than most lighter beers, in my opinion.  I know I’m not the greatest with knowledge of beer styles, sorry.  To me, it’s almost a cross between a lager and a wheat beer.  There seems to be some lemon or citrus flavor to it.  But it’s not bad.  To me, this would be a good chuggable summer beer, something I might buy again if I was looking for something like that.  Not the greatest I’ve had, but not bad.

Rating: 3/5

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