812: Haywards 5000

812 - Haywards 5000Name: Haywards 5000
Brewery: SABMiller
Country of Origin: India
City & State: Mumbai, India
Style: American Malt Liquor
Alcohol Content (ABV): 7.0%
First Brewed: 1983
Price: $3.79

Tasting Notes
Darker than most lagers, malty sweetness and fruit on the nose give way to a full-bodied, caramel alt flavor with little bitterness. A smooth finish comes with a hint of alcohol burn.

Ricky’s Thoughts

Sheryl said it best… “This looks boring.” It does. It looks like any domestic I have ever had. I did have two cans of Coors Light yesterday, but I was playing golf. Yesterday was National Beer Day, or something like that. I got two badges on Untappd, so there must have been something going on.

Past hoppy beers, I am not sure what else comes from India. This is an Indian premium beer, but based on what I am smelling, as I pour, this is going to be pretty boring. Oh well, they can’t all be good!

In the Glass: The beer pours like any domestic I have ever seen. Think Bud Light meets Coors Light meets Miller Lite. I wonder why they spell it like that… Anyway, the beer produced a thin white head, and there is no lace to speak of. I am sure, just based what I am seeing, this beer will be very drinkable and I am excited to chug it! If nothing else so we can move on to the next beer. Oh, it’s cheap, too.

Nose: I could smell yeast as I was pouring it. It has a very obvious grain aroma to it. I get more of that when I smell the beer, and while I am not typically into this style, I have been on a Euro pale lager kick lately. I grabbed a few bombers of that style last week just to see what they all taste like. I spent too much time on the wrong side of the aisle at Total Wine & More.

Flavor: All things considered, this is not a terrible beer. It has a nice sweet flavor to start, and as the flavor explodes across the back of the tongue, you are hit with some severe carbonation. It does remind me of a Euro pale lager. I am curious why the style on this is “malt liquor”, as that makes me think of hard lemonade, or something. Oh well, I am digging this flavor, and could see myself drinking a gallon of this on a hot summer day. I wish more golf courses carried a better selection. This IS better than a Coors Light.

Mouthfeel: There isn’t much going on. It’s thin and boring at first, and as you begin to swallow, a ton of bubbles rage on the back of your tongue. From there, the swallow is quick, boring, and leaves you wanting more. Beers like this are quite drinkable, and I can see them getting me into trouble! I wonder how readily available this is in India. I sure hope this isn’t what people in India think of when thinking of craft beer.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste isn’t bad. It has a nice subtle drying sweetness to it. Again, it reminds me of the Euro pale lager experience. (If you drink this, don’t burp. You can thank me later!) I bet this beer would pair nicely with a hamburger or hot dog.

This beer IS boring, but the subtle sweetness keeps me drinking. I wouldn’t order this again, but would like to see this on tap if and when we visit India. I also wonder where the 5000 comes from… maybe I will do a little digging. Cheers, people!

Haywards 5000 – The bottle says: “Haywards 5000 is an authentic, premium Indian lager that hails as India’s most preferred and popular beer. The bold character and lingering flavor of this Indian classic derives from a careful blend of select hops and malts in a brewing process that exemplifies timeless traditions. Exclusively brewed and bottled in India under SABMiller supervision, this Crown Jewel of Indian beer is now enjoyed worldwide.”

Rating: 2.5/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

It’s been a few days, but we’re back! I do have to say, though, and I told Ricky this, too… the beer we are trying today looks pretty boring. It looks pretty much just like a domestic lager in the glass. Lots of little bubbles floating to the top, but it’s just golden yellow and looks pretty thin. It didn’t have a whole lot of head, but what it did was typical of a normal lager. It also smells like one… just very boring and with an aroma that smells a lot of bread. It’s an Indian beer, and I haven’t really heard much about India being too well-known for their beer. So I have to imagine this is going to be in the same vein as the Japanese beer we tried not long ago. But let’s give it a shot!

Yep, pretty much as expected. This beer has just the flavor of an ordinary lager. If you like Bud Light, this beer is barely one step above that. What am I even supposed to say about beers like this? The mouthfeel is very thin, and the beer has almost no taste to it at all. And I really don’t like the aftertaste… I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it just leaves a lingering aftertaste that to me makes this beer even worse. I’d say it’s most redeeming quality is the smell, just because I kind of like the bread-like smell, but even that is not enough to get me to like this beer or buy it again. I couldn’t recommend it unless you’re just looking for a bomber to chug. Otherwise, stay away!

Rating: 1/5

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