797: Blanche de Chambly

797 - Blanche de ChamblyName: Blanche De Chambly
Brewery: Unibroue
Country of Origin: Canada
City & State: Chambly, Québec
Style: Witbier
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5%
First Brewed: 1992
Price: $2.99

Tasting Notes
A shining example of balance between coriander spice and citrusy fruit, with a body perhaps a bit fuller than most in its class, but nevertheless a lively, refreshing disposition.

Ricky’s Thoughts

This is our last beer from Unibroue. That makes me sad. They are such a successful North American Belgian brewing company. That doesn’t make sense… but it does to me! They use Belgian yeast in their beers, and make some of the best beers, best Belgian beers, outside of Belgium. Like Terrible. Terrible is NOT terrible, and is one of my favorite beers of all time. This is on the other end of the spectrum, and is one of the lightest beer styles on the market. This is also not my favorite style, but there is a lot of history behind this beer. I need to do more research on this Celis guy. He seems legit.

Until we started researching this beer, I was curious where they got the name. I guess it makes sense considering where they brew it and the beer style. It’s all coming together now! I will give this bottle my full attention, and hope that it is better than some previous white beers I have tried. It IS an old recipe and the brewery has a lot of history. Bottoms up!

In the Glass: Hold on… give me about 10 minutes for this head to settle. I poured an inch in the glass and the entire glass filled with bubbles. Not champagne bubbles… bubble bath bubbles. When the head finally did settle, the beer reminds me of Blue Moon. The head is white and fluffy, and I am seeing nothing but tiny bubbles rushing to the top. Fingers crossed this is not a mess of carbonation.

Nose: Now that does NOT smell like a typical white beer. It almost smells “off”, but I am getting a lot of the spice from the coriander. Not much citrus here… hopefully that comes off in the flavor. It actually smells good. There is a hint of dryness toward the end of the aroma. Let’s taste!

Flavor: Considering what this smells like, I am not that impressed with the flavor. It is not as carbonated as I expected it to be, which is fine. All the flavor really comes at the end. Not much spice and the finish is there and gone again just as fast. Not that I am comparing this to beers like Blue Moon, but I would order a Blue Moon over this any day of the week. Quite frankly, this beer is boring considering all of the other beers I have had from this brewery.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is nice offering a hint of velvet to the experience. But just like the flavor is here and gone, the mouthfeel is just as boring. I swished around the beer that last sip, and the bubbles just overwhelmed my palate. Some additional citrus flavors came out when doing that, but you can’t due to the carbonation. Again, the mouthfeel is just boring. How many times can I use the word boring in this post?

Aftertaste: What aftertaste? This beer doesn’t have an aftertaste. What is lingering isn’t much to write home about. There are some subtle spice flavors coming through, but that’s about it. The beer isn’t getting better as it heats up, either. The mouthfeel is improving, but the flavor stays the same. Again, this is just not my favorite style. Too bad there is an entire section of white beers on our list!

If you are going to buy a bottle from Unibroue, get a bottle of Terrible. You won’t be sorry. I will say, if you are new to craft beer, then you need to start with a beer like this. Not this particular bottle, but a beer that is light and has subtle flavors like the coriander and the orange zest. I will stick with my Belgian darks!

Blanche De Chambly – The bottle says: “Blanche De Chambly is an ale containing a deposit of fresh yeast: the result of refermentation occurring in the bottle. This ale is only partially filtered to enable it to retain the benefits of its natural ingredients.”

Rating: 1.5/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Today’s beer is pretty different from the beer we had yesterday, thankfully.  I wasn’t a big fan of Murphy’s… I think I gave Ricky what was left in my glass and didn’t drink it all.  This one is completely different.  It’s golden yellow in the glass, with a lot of head at first.  Ricky’s glass was almost all head when he poured it.  It smells… fresh, lemony, and citrusy.  At least that’s what I get out of it.  This one looks like it’d be a pretty good summer beer.  The smell and look makes me think of Hoegaarden.  I have a feeling that’s not exactly what it tastes like, though.

First sip… this one does taste lemony.  But it’s not sour at all.  It’s a very refreshing lemon taste.  It’s got a bit of carbonation, but not a lot.  It’s not overpowering at all.  It’s also light, but not too light.  Also, I taste a hint of spice but not a lot of that either.  This beer is balanced well, not too much of anything except the lemon taste.  It’s definitely a good summer beer, and most summer beers I’m not a fan of.  This one is one I would consider buying again, especially here in the hot Arizona summer.

Rating: 3/5

796 bottles of beer on the wall…

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