793: Dragonstooth Stout

793 - Dragonstooth Stout
: Dragonstooth Stout
Brewery: Elysian Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Seattle, Washington
Style: Oatmeal Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 7.25%
First Brewed: 1996
Price: $4.50

Tasting Notes
The balance between the malts and the rolled oats makes Dragonstooth a strong stout of rare richness, but the beer also exhibits a surprising amount of hop character. Allowing it to warm up after refrigeration gives this dragon an even more beguiling personality.

Ricky’s Thoughts

OK, here we go. Time to drink a bottle “on the road”. Sheryl and I have been chatting about reviewing some additional beers not on the list. We are going to call it them the “off the wall” reviews. Get it?

This bottle is on the list, and I love that they work with a local tattoo artist on the label art. The dragon, bearing large white ferocious teeth, looks like a tattoo… Makes sense! Considering this is an imperial stout, I expected the ABV to be a bit higher. Considering how much we are going to drink today, it’s probably OK it’s below 8%. Let’s pop this bottle and drink!

In the Glass: This beer pours somewhat thick, but I’m sure that is because of how cold it is in the bottle. It is pitch black, offering a thin tin head that reminds me of an Irish stout. I doubt this has the same metallic taste most Irish stouts do. Not much lace, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Aroma: That smells like a good oatmeal stout… BUT way more aggressive. The malts are nearly overpowering as I smell and a second deep huff leaves me thinking of whiskey and a hint, a subtle hint of coffee. I hope that carries over on the palate. Let’s drink!

Flavor: That’s good. I don’t get the same barrel aged flavors that I was expecting… But this beer isn’t barrel aged. I bet 6 months in a barrel would help mellow this out nicely. It is also a tad bit too cold, but I say that a lot. I wish there was a universal beer temperature contraption that allowed me to choose the temperature at which I consume.

Mouthfeel: The front of my palate is bored to tears, but the back half, when a thin layer of bubbles attacks, I am hit with that drying sensation I was hoping for.

I will say, as this beer heats up, it does get a little better and open up nicely.

Aftertaste: As the beer heats up, the aftertaste is becoming more prominent. It sort of sits there, almost soaking my palate, in that frothy goodness. I still think they should age this in something. Maybe try a keg or two on nitro.

Sheryl just said she was impressed with the aftertaste, too. She’s not supposed to talk to me about these beers… BUT I will let it slide. (Note from Sheryl: What?? That was never a rule!) We only have one more beer to review from them, but I plan on ordering a flight when I’m done with that. They have a blood orange pale ale called Superfuzz, a double IPA called DIPROHOPUS, and a red called Men’s Room Red. I want to try them all! I’m only a few bottles in, and I’m impressed!

Dragonstooth Stout – The bottle says: “Awards

GABF® Category 73

Gold 1999 & 2004

Silver 2002, 2006 & 2007

World Beer Cup® Category 12

Gold 2006, Bronze 2008


Elysian Brewing Company has won Large Brewpub and Brewmaster of the Year three times at the Great American Beer Festival® in Denver, Colorado.


Dick Cantwell, Head Brewer


Artwork by local Seattle tattooed and good friend, Joe Who: Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlorwww.piercedhearts.com”

Rating: 4/5 

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Another beer from Elysian, also at the brewery. This one was from a bottle, though. Looks like my kind of beer! So far I’m really digging this brewery. This one’s a stout, so it’s very dark and thick in the glass. There wasn’t much head when it was poured it out. Ricky often talks about the lace of a beer, and this one clings to the glass nicely. The smell that I am getting from it is faint, but nice. It’s kind of wet, with some rich notes of dark chocolate and maybe some burnt coffee, typical of a stout. My guess is I will like this beer. Let’s see.

Is it odd that the first thing I notice upon tasting this beer is the aftertaste? It sticks around for a long time. Like, I don’t even feel the need to take another drink for 5 minutes. It’s thick, but not too thick. There’s the smallest hint of carbonation. And the taste is mostly of bitter dark chocolate. But the aftertaste is my favorite part of this beer. Definitely one I’d drink again. Another winner, Elysian.

Rating: 4/5

792 bottles of beer on the wall…

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