Podcast 1: Beer Podcast Noobs

In an effort to expand our brand, we have been discussing ways to create more content. I have wanted to do video reviews for a long time, and have been working on a podcast for my golf community over on Google+. Then Sheryl suggested that we start our own podcast for 1001 Bottles. We wouldn’t talk about the beers on the list as much as we would talk about beer. From beer news to new breweries we visited, we want this to be about beer. We don’t really have a plan for this past just talking about and sharing our thoughts on beer and the local craft beer community.

In our first episode we talked about a lot including the Made in the Shade beer festival up in Flagstaff, Arizona, Fate Brewing Company here in Scottsdale, and an issue I had the other day at Total Wine & More. Oh, and we talked about what we were currently drinking and what beers we have in the fridge. It was fun and I can see this becoming a big part of what we are doing here on the blog.

If you like craft beer, then check out the blog. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and now we are taking our comments to iTunes as a downloadable podcast for your listening enjoyment. If there are things that you want to hear us talk about, beers you want us to review, or things you just wish we did better, let us know. We are truly noobs here, and want our listeners to lead the way. Just make sure you are leading with a beer in your hands. Cheers!

4 Responses to “Podcast 1: Beer Podcast Noobs”

  • What’s the beer from Indianapolis that’s only on draft now?

    • It’s the Tripel De Ripple from Brugge Brasserie. They intend to bottle again in the future, but don’t have any plans right now. SURELY there is a bottle of that somewhere out there! Are you familiar with it?

      • Ya. That’s on this list? Horrible beer.

        • You didn’t like it? I thought it was great. From what I remember, anyway. They are actually making some changes to the list taking away 90 beers and adding 90 new ones. We are going to make some changes to the blog in the coming months.

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