773: Rosee D’Hibiscus

773 - Rosee d'HibiscusName: Rosée D’Hibiscus
Brewery: Brasserie Artisanale Dieu du Ciel!
Country of Origin: Canada
City & State: Montréal
Style: Herbed / Spiced Beer
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.90%
First Brewed: 2006
Price: $2.99

Tasting Notes
Floral nose, but the citrusy notes from the wheat add extra dimensions. The acidity, soft fruitiness (melon, lychee), and whispers of grain give the body a multi faceted character.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I like this brewing company. I have had a few beers from them, and everything I have had impressed me. I landed this one in a trade. I have never seen this bottle, so I am pumped to drink it. The flowers they use to flavor this beer excite me. I have never thought about hibiscus flowers being used to flavor things until I had an order of hibiscus enchiladas last year around the holidays. They. Were. Amazing! SO sweet and just a great fruity flavor. I hope the beer reminds me of those enchiladas.

Oh, and you can use the flowers in champagne, too. Pour a glass of champagne, drop in a flower, and let the flower go to work. It will change the color and the flavor of the champagne, and when you are done drinking, you can eat the flower. Fun! I hope this beer stacks up. Cheers!

In the Glass: It’s not pink. I like the color pink, and this beer is not pink. It is light with a hint of pink… but not pink. It has a nice thin white head that hangs around for a little bit. I haven’t had the chance to smell it, but based on what I know about this flower, I am expecting a sweet aroma AND a sweet flavor. Here goes nothing!

Nose: I am getting a hint of hibiscus here, but it’s nothing to write home about. Actually, the aroma is quite weak. There is a nice fruity finish, but I wanted a more robust explosion of aroma that just isn’t there. I will say the beer is leaving quite a nice lace that I didn’t see before. Just not what I was expecting in terms of aroma. I hope it tastes better than it smells.

Flavor: Oh, it tastes better than it smells. WAY better than it smells. There is an explosion of sweetness as soon as the beer hits your lips that continues as you drink. I will say the overall experience is weak, as the sweetness is there and gone in a flash. But the hibiscus flowers really do add some character to the front of the beer. I hear this is a wheat beer base. You would never know that. But it is a nice easy to drink poolside beer. I bet this would taste great ice cold on a hot summer day.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is pretty boring, too. It has nice consistency, but there isn’t much character to it. It is, however, very easy to drink. I will say this is my least favorite beer from this brewery. Oh, and I thought this was a Belgian brewing company. Not sure why I thought that…

Aftertaste: There are some nice somewhat sweet hibiscus notes hanging around there at the end. The sweetness that you get up front is gone by the time you swallow a few times, but that’s OK.

Glad this beer was on the list, but it isn’t really taking me back to those enchiladas. Jeremy and Petulia were there that night…I wonder if they remember. I doubt it. That was a long time ago! Cool label on this one, though. If you have access to this, grab a single bottle. But don’t go out of your way to get it. Cheers!

Rosée D’Hibiscus – The bottle says: “Rosée D’Hibiscus is a soft spoken Belgian-style wheat beer. It’s rose colour comes from the hibiscus flowers added during the brewing process. The aromas and flavour of this tropical flower are very prominent in the beer, giving it a sleight acidity and a very agreeable fragrance.”

“The Rosée D’Hibiscus was born in our Montréal brewpub in May 2006.”

Rating: 2.5/5 

Sheryl’s Thoughts

I am way behind on posting our beer reviews. Every one that we do, I edit it before it goes live. And I’ve got like four or five that I have not edited yet that we have done. I need to catch up! Oh well, at least we have podcasts to check out.

Tonight’s beer is very… pretty. It is called something like Rose Hibiscus, I think. I saw the bottle in the refrigerator before Ricky poured it. It’s got a very… Victorian? poetic? looking bottle. I was hoping for something a little stronger, but this one is only 5%. I hope it’s good.

The beer looks pretty in the glass, like I said. It’s kind of rosy-colored. It’s not too thin or transparent, but not too thick, either. It doesn’t have a lot of head. It smells kind of fruity. Not citrusy, but more like grapefruit, maybe? That’s the color it looks as well. Time to find out how it tastes.

Well, it kind of tastes like grapefruit. It doesn’t have a lot of carbonation, but a little bit. It almost tastes like a fruity wheat beer. It’s not bad, but nothing too special or great. It’s actually a great summer beer. If you’re looking for something to drink by the pool, this would work great. If you want a beer to drink instead of something fruity, this is a good compromise. I’d buy it again in the right circumstances, I think. I’m not sure if it’s readily available here or in six-packs, but I like it!

Rating: 3/5

772 bottles of beer on the wall…

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