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On my personal blog, I interview bands from all over the world. I have worked with nearly 500 bands and that list keeps growing. I have even interviewed professional golfers. It makes sense that we interview people in the craft beer industry. We experimented with the brewmaster at NoDa Brewing Company and even had the chance to learn more about Ground Control from beer nerd Ian Harwell. We will continue to interview people, but reached out to some home brewers on Twitter. The first guy we connected with was Keith Hipsley.

Have you ever brewed beer? We have brewed a couple of batches, but just didn’t have the passion for it. There is no doubt Keith has the passion for it. We are members of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers, but haven’t brewed a batch since we moved to Arizona. Ironic, isn’t it? Maybe, in interviewing these home brewers, we will be inspired to brew another batch. Until then, it will be fun learning about other brewers around the country. Cheers!

1001 Bottles: How long have you been brewing?

Keith Hipsley: Almost 11 years.

What styles have you experimented with?

All styles except for Lambics. Not really a fan.

What is your favorite style to brew?

Don’t think I have any one single style that’s my favorite. I do enjoy brewing lagers moreso than ales however.

Have you ever made a bad batch of beer?

A few. Out of 146 batches, I can count the number of infected batches on 1 hand. I have dumped a few due to acetaldehyde or diacetyl.

Do you bottle, keg or both?

Keg primarily, but I do bottle for handouts and competitions.

How many different batches have you brewed?

146 total, probably over 100 different.

Have you ever tried brewing with your own recipe?

I do that a lot now, especially with non-traditional ingredients. I find brewing exactly to style gets a little boring… It limits your creativity.

Do you have a local brew shop that you use? (Consider this a place to give a shout out to your local brew shop!)

Primarily The Thirsty Brewer in Baldwin, Maryland or Maryland Homebrew in Columbia, Maryland. Both are great. The Thirsty Brewer is much closer to me so I tend to go there more often.

Would you rather brew at home or buy beer at the store?

Depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I get a craving for a certain style of beer and I don’t have any on tap. Other times a batch turns out so well I don’t want to go to the store.

Have you ever entered any brewing competitions?

Quite a few, mostly local comps. Have done pretty well. My best score was a 42 with a K­ölsch. And I even got Second Best of Show with a Maibock once.

Is brewing something you see yourself doing in the future?

Definitely. On that track now.

Could you make a career out of brewing?

Just started working part-time my favorite local brewery, hopefully will be able to turn it into full-time someday in the future.

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