Black House Black Friday Extravaganza

When we were in California, we stopped by Modern Times Beer for a flight. We stopped by several breweries for a flight, but when we stopped at Modern Times Beer, we had no idea they had an event going on. It was Black Friday, and they were tapping a handful of beers to celebrate. They make a beer called Black House, but they took Black House and aged it with some random ingredients. They produced some incredible beers, and we got the chance to try them all.

Before we tried these special release beers, we all tried the Black House. I rate all my beers on Untappd, and rated this a 4.5 out of 5. It was VERY good and had an incredible mouthfeel. It would actually be one of the better beers I would have while visiting Modern Times Beer. When we realized they had a special event going on, the bartender handed us a menu. We couldn’t decide, so we ordered all of them! Below are all of the different beers they had for the Black House Black Friday Extravaganza.

Coconut & Chocolate
Black House aged on hand toasted and shredded unsweetened coconut (at a rate of 5 pounds per barrel) and tasty, fragrant Ghanaian coco nibs. Think Almond Joy.

Islay Scotch
Islay Scotch, pronounced [EYE-lə], is known for the high peating levels of its malt, which produces a boisterous smoky character. We aged Black House on lightly toasted French oak saturated with Bowmore 10-year-old Scotch. The oak imparts a hint of toast and tannin, balancing whiskey and peat character.

Chocolate Maple
We dosed Black House with a heft helping of Vermont maple syrup post-filtration to retain some of the sweetness and all of the maple aromatics. We then aged it on cocoa nibs because this needed to be a liquid stoner dessert.

Pumpkin Pie
There were actually no pumpkins harmed in the making of this beer. Since Black House has plenty of body and touch of sweetness, we felt it would be the perfect base for traditional pumpkin pie spices. So we let the beer age on whole nutmeg, whole cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, fresh ginger, and Madagascar vanilla beans until we thought it tasted like pie.

Red Jalapeño
Red jalapeños, from the same plant as more common green jalapeños, are left on the vine longer producing a red skin with a sweeter and slightly hotter flavor profile. We let Black House sit on these tasty little buggers until we got a nice pepper flavor, but not excruciating heat.

While there was no turkey used n the making of this Black House rendition, we did massacre hundreds of evil little cranberries. We then took all of that cranberry blood, threw in some fresh rosemary and fresh thyme, and blended it with Black House to create a rendition that can replace the stuffing on any Thanksgiving table.

Sour Cherry Vanilla
Sour cherries, AKA pie cherries, AKA tart cherries, AKA delicious cherries, were added to this batch of Black House at a rate of one pound per gallon. Then we added Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and some organic Madagascar vanilla extract to compliment these tine red delicacies. What came out is a version of Black House reminiscent of Cherry Pie A ‘la Mode.

Double Coffee Cask
What do you do when you’re one of the only breweries in the world to roast your own coffee in-house? You put a ton of it in a beer and call it “Double” even though it’s probably more like 2.7 times the normal amount. That’s what we did, and we hope you like it.

Some of these were really good, and some were… Not that good. But the Pumpkin Pie and the Red Jalapeño were incredible. I also really liked their Blazing World IPA. This was a great experience, and I am so glad we decided to come. Cheers!

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