745: Pure Hoppiness

745 - Pure HoppinessName: Pure Hoppiness
Brewery: Alpine Beer Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Alpine, California
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA
Alcohol Content (ABV): 8.00%
First Brewed: 2000
Price: $9.99

Tasting Notes
Pure hoppiness is honey amber with a generous ivory head. Its nose is thick with citrus, grassy hop aromas. The double IPA is a creamy hop bomb that just loses intense hop goodness throughout but still manages to be balanced while very drinkable: a remarkable feat.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I love hops. This will actually be my second DIPA today. I had a bottle from Coronado Brewing Company earlier today. Their 17th anniversary release is a DIPA, and while it wasn’t the best DIPA I have ever had, it was the best beer I have had from them. I have a few buddies that love their coffee beer, but I have never been impressed.

Funny story about Alpine Brewing… I have never been there. BUT we are going to San Diego later this week and plan to stop there on our way back next Sunday. I hear it’s a great place to see on the way in or the way out, and since we are going to be coming in late, I want to make sure we have time to stop and truly enjoy their beers. I landed this beer in a trade, and it has been sitting in the fridge staring at me for a few weeks. It’s time to drink. Cheers, people!

In the Glass: I was just chatting with my buddy James Hong on Facebook, and he was asking me about carbonated beers. When I opened this, and started pouring I understood what he was talking about! Man, this beer is just loaded with bubbles… I barely poured any beer out and the beer almost overflowed. It will take a few minutes before I can even start to experience this.

Since I like hops, I am always excited to drink a good IPA or a DIPA. I hope this one is as good as I think it is going to be. People rave about this, including the guys over at BeerAdvocate, they love it. Let’s see what this beer smells like.

Oh, before I do, I will mention the lace on this beer. It has a nice sticky lace and I am excited to try it. Then I am going to bed!

Nose: That smells like a pine tree. Man, that is great! Holy crap. I could say… This beer is PURE hoppiness. See what I did there? Oh, and ha. Last week I learned the hashtag for that. #SWIDT Makes sense.

I am getting a lot of citrus, too. I am picturing a grapefruit met and fell in love with a pine tree and had a baby. This is what that baby would smell like. That sounded weird… But that is what I am smelling. This beer is apparently rare, too. Not sure how much they make, but I am excited we landed a bottle. Cheers!

Flavor: This smells better than it tastes. It’s not bad, but it isn’t as good as I was thinking it would be. I will say this is really easy to drink, and has a nice smooth almost creamy finish. But man, the flavor just isn’t there. When I drink a DIPA, I expect to be punched in the face with hops. This one didn’t do that, and the finish isn’t bitter at all. But this is a dangerous beer because I could drink a ton of it and never know I was drinking beer.

Mouthfeel: This beer is very easy to drink, and has a nice creamy mouthfeel. But I just can’t get past the fact that it doesn’t taste like an IPA, let alone a DIPA. Ugh. That also doesn’t have me excited to visit Alpine next weekend. I hope they have other beers that are better than this one!

Aftertaste: There isn’t much here… This just doesn’t deliver. How can the BA score on this be 97? What am I missing? The bros on BeerAdvocate rated this 96… Guys, I expect a better palate from you! Can someone please tell me what I am missing here?

I will finish my half of the bottle, but I am not happy about it. I would rather save these calories for a better beer. Oh, and tonight I saw a bottle of Jägermeister Spice at the store. That has nothing to do with beer, but man I LOVE Jäger, and I am sure I would enjoy it. Even though I didn’t enjoy the DIPA, I am glad I got the chance to try it. Cheers!

Pure Hoppiness – The bottle says: “This mega-hopped, west-coast style India Pale Ale will take you to hop heaven! We’ve used hops in the boil, more hops in the giant hopback, and added to that, an incredible amount of dry-hopping for that cutting-edge “hop bite.” Once you’ve tasted this unique beer, all others pale in comparison. Drink better beer so… DRINK ALPINE ALE or GO TO BED!”

Rating: 2.5/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

I don’t know much about this beer. All I really know is that it’s an IPA and it came in a bigger bottle. And now I know that it had a LOT of head. Mine is sitting in the glass, and the head has still not completely gone away yet. In the glass it looks almost like a wheat beer. It’s a golden yellow and cloudy. It smells mildly hoppy. The lace is clinging hard to the glass.

First sip… and I actually kind of like it. As you probably know, I’m not a huge fan of IPAs or beers that are too hoppy. But this one isn’t too bad. It’s lightly carbonated, just hoppy enough, and really well balanced, in my opinion. All of the aspects of this beer come together for a great taste and flavor. It’s a lot better than I expected.

Ricky told me I need to learn to like IPAs. And it’s not that I don’t like them, they just aren’t my favorite. I prefer the thick, chewy mouthfeel of stouts. I like stouts and I like the booziness of a heavy stout or a Belgian beer. Those tend to be my favorite. Unfortunately, my favorites are usually the highest ABV and probably the most calories. This was to my detriment yesterday… I drank some high ABV beers and gained weight! I need to learn to tone that down.

This beer was pretty good, though. If I was looking for a good IPA, I might choose this one again.

Rating: 3.5/5

744 bottles of beer on the wall…

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