Off the Wall: Halia

I didn't want to review a beer tonight. I am still behind from our vacation. I have over 130 emails that I need to respond to from today alone! Not to mention the blogs I need to write. Anyway...

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Red Cock Doppelbock

Off the Wall: Red Cock Doppelbock

We are sitting at Maui Brewing Company and decided to review a beer. As a matter of fact, we are going to review 2 beers. First up is the Red Cock Dopplebock.

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Off the Wall: Gillian

This beer better be great! For $25.99, this beer better be not only rare, which it is, but it better be delicious. This is the first of the four sisters from Goose Island, and only three of the four...

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Heady Topper

Off the Wall: Heady Topper

What is with the name? Also, this beer must be good. It has a 100 BA Score. The Bros gave it a 96. I like the label a lot, too. This is hard to find if you don't live near Vermont, so I had to trade...

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Maui Brewing Co Brewpub

Off the Wall: Hawaii 90/- Wee Heavy

While reviewing this beer on BeerAdvocate, I read that it was a limited release and only brewed once. That's too bad. Or... Not at all!

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Maui Brewing Co

Maui Brewing Company: Brewed With Aloha!

We are on our way back from Hawaii, and spent our last day in style. We got the chance to see the Maui Brewing Co. brewery, got to meet several people including brewers...

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