Duck-Rabbit Barleywine Ale

Guest Review: Duck-Rabbit Barleywine Ale

I couldn’t make it over to the release of the newest batch of Steel String’s Cryin’ Holy. They’re even one of 3 bars currently open after the "icepocalypse" and "snowmageddon," but...

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Podcast 15: It’s been a while!

Maui? No way! That is the last time we posted a podcast. Well, we are back. Sorry for the delay. However, we have a TON to talk about. From what we are drinking and recently reviewed...

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Fate Brewing Company Interview

Arizona Strong Beer Festival: Interview with Fate Brewing Company

During the Arizona Strong Beer Festival, Fate Brewing Company tapped a keg of their Imperial Candy Bar Milk Stout. People lined up for a chance to try this beer, and for good...

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Off the Wall: Naughty Girl

So a few months ago, my buddy Josh was talking about a beer he had that he really liked. It was from The New Albanian Brewing Company, which is located in Indiana. They don't distribute...

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Old Thumper Extra Special Ale

738: Old Thumper Extra Special Ale

This rich amber-copper-beer pours with a generous off-white head. The nose features a flurry of light hop notes, while fruity flavors dance on the plate. Overall, Old Thumper has...

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Off the Wall: Sex Panther

I had a can of this last year, and while the beer was good, it didn't blow me away. According to their website, this beer is a double chocolate porter, but I don't remember getting much...

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