Arizona Strong Beer Festival: Interview with Fate Brewing Company

Fate Brewing Company is one of our favorite brewing companies in the Valley. They opened right after we moved to Arizona, and we have been in several times for beer and pizza. Their pizza is amazing, but the way. At the Arizona Strong Beer Festival this year they were tapping some great beers, and people were lining up for the Imperial Candy Bar Milk Stout. We have had the Candy Bar Milk Stout three times, and it just keeps getting better with every new release. Local beer deity Dakine Beckman said it was, “Decadent and rich. True to its name.” I couldn’t agree more. It had more peanut butter flavor than I have experienced in the past, too.

Since meeting Steve McFate (hence the name) I have been asking him for an interview. Glad that I was able to secure an interview with him during the Arizona Strong Beer Festival. We even joked about that before we got started.

A lot of people came to the Arizona Strong Beer Festival for the Imperial Candy Bar Milk Stout. I asked Steve how much they made. “Well, it came out really nice. Total I have a barrel and a half. On Monday we are doing a tap takeover and this will be on tap then. I have about a barrel for that.”

We had planned on going to the tap takeover, but ended up missing out. However, we have friends that were there and said it was a good time. My buddy Matt was there and got the last pour of it. Needless to say, he loved it!

Fate has been making some great beer, and they had several new beers on tap during the festival, including their new Hop Sour. “It has an American wheat base. We took the wort from one of our cream ales, and put in a big bag of grain so it could sour on its own. We put it over our walk-in cooler and the thing soured up nice.”

The American Pale is their flagship beer, but the Double Oatmeal IPA is quickly becoming a fan favorite at Fate. “American Pale is our flagship, but the Double Oatmeal is really smooth. I get in trouble with that one on occasion. It is too easy to drink.”

What is next for Fate Brewing Company? “We have a bunch of small batch stuff coming up. We are just trying to get through festival season. Also, we are actively looking for somewhere bigger to brew. Not another retail environment, but a place where we can produce more beer.”

Fate has been around for 15 months. Was it everything Steve expected it to be? “I would say yes and maybe even a little bit more. Overall, I am always pleased with how much beer we are going through. It is really surprising. It has gone really well. It helps we have awesome pizza.”

At Fate Brewing Company, it goes beyond brewing great beer. “We have a big neighborhood following. We don’t want to just focus on craft beer folks. We want to bring out the neighborhood and introduce them to craft beer.”

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