Off the Wall: Lolita

LolitaName: Lolita
Brewery: Goose Island Beer Co.
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Chicago, Illinois
Style: American Wild Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 8.2%
Price: $21.99

Ricky’s Thoughts

This is the final sister… Sad! These beers were too expensive not to drink. I am sure most, if not all of them would have aged nicely. But man. $20+ per bottle is a lot to spend on beer. However, when we bought them all, we decided to drink them based on BeerAdvocate reviews. Lolita is the “best” sister with a BA score of 92. The bros haven’t reviewed this… yet.

Lolita is an American Wild Ale, which is a weird style for me. The beer has a light white head, and then quickly settles to an almost cough syrup consistency. I like it! There is no lace whatsoever and I can barely see some tiny bubbles rushing toward the top. Wait… I will get to that. I am excited to review the final sister. There should be a movie called The Final Sister.


In the Glass: I already started telling you what it looks like, but as I pour there is a light white head that leaves an almost cough syrup consistency in the glass. There are tiny bubbles rushing to the top, but that is about it. The beer produces no lace whatsoever and has a nice rich copper color to it. The other sisters were sour, and I just hope this one is, too.

Nose: Yep… SOUR! That smells like sour freshly mown grass. Maybe almost a hay aroma. That is the American “wild” coming through. Pretty much every beer that Goose Island makes is good, so I expect this to rock! If this is half as sour as it smells, it will be delicious. Here we go. Cheers!

Flavor: Whoa that is sour. Holy crap. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. That is so freaking good. The flavor also changes as you drink it, and the sour turns to fresh fruit. Imagine drinking cranberry/apple/grape juice that is carbonated with a hint of alcohol burn at the end. Man, that’s good. Without a doubt the best sister. For $22, it better be good! The flavor just hangs on, too. This beer just keeps getting better and better.

Aftertaste: I have only taken one sip of this, and the flavor is still there. It is almost as if I just took a drink. The sour stays, and the fresh fruit becomes dried fruit like fig and raisin. The sour, while it leaves almost as soon as you swallow, is still in the air and you can remember just how sour it was as you were drinking it. I took another sip, and while it wasn’t nearly as sour, the grassy notes were still evident and the fresh fruit flavors were more prominent. This is just a really good complex beer that produces a wide range of flavors.

If you didn’t get your hands on all four sisters, time is running out. Not many, if any Total Wine & More stores got them all. You might still find one or two of them around, but they didn’t make much and they only made these beers once. If you like sour beers with a lot of flavor, then pick a sister… They are all good!

Rating: 5/5 (Going out with a bang!)

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Well, we have finally reached the last of our Goose Island “sister” beers. We drank them in order of which one was rated lowest to highest on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Since this is the last one, it’s going to be the best, right? We shall see.

This sister’s name is Lolita. Ooh, sexy. I mean, in a way it’s kind of a sexy-looking beer. But then again, that’s probably different for everyone… what a good-looking beer is. This one has basically no head to it. Ricky poured it while I was out of the room, and when I came back it was sitting there with literally no head at all. I do like the color of it, though. It’s kind of an orange-red color with a few tiny little bubbles floating to the top. (It’s easy to see them because of the lack of head.) It’s kind of got a medium thickness to it. It’s not too clear, but not too cloudy either. And it smells… sour. Like holy sour ball sour. Eek. Not sure I am in the mood for a sour, but here goes nothing!

Whoa… yep, that is definitely sour. RateBeer has a description of it that says it is a raspberry Belgian ale. Hmm… I might be able to taste just a hint of raspberries in there, but raspberries are definitely not that sour! Honestly, I believe this is a good beer. And I do like it. But it’s really more Ricky’s style than mine. I know he loves sours, way more than I do. But it’s a good sipping beer. It would be interesting to see what kind of food would go with this beer. It’s got a lot of sour flavor to it, a hint of fruit, and… that’s all I can really describe. It’s not bad, but at the price of the bottle and since it’s not really my style, I wouldn’t likely buy it again. But I’m glad we got to try all four sisters!

Rating: 3/3

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