734: Hitachino Nest White Ale

734 - Hitachino Nest White AleName: Hitachino Nest White Ale
Brewery: Kiuchi Brewery
Country of Origin: Japan
City & State: Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture
Style: Witbier
Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.00%
First Brewed: 1998
Price: $5.99

Tasting Notes
The beer pours a hazy light golden yellow with a short-lived white head. There are faintly citrus and sweet spice aromas. The flavor is largely wheat beer joined by a coriander and nutmeg, with tangy citrus notes. The finish exhibits both creaminess and tangy flavors.

Ricky’s Thoughts

I don’t like this style, but for $5.99 a bottle, it better be delicious! It does smell really good, but we will get to that. This beer comes at a good time. I have been wanting to plan a trip to Japan. Perhaps a trip to Japan and hit Hawaii on the way back. I could see 5 days in Japan and a few days on Oahu on the way back. Maybe this beer will be so good I can’t help but visit the brewery!

Last night, at Total Wine & More, I dropped $140 on beer. I bought a TON of beer, and we are set for the next few weeks now. I grabbed a few new beers, too. Maybe a few of them will make good “off the wall” reviews. I am really excited about a few of them, like the new Odell Session release. EVERYONE has a session beer now. It is the new IPA trend. Which I am fine with. I like hops, don’t get me wrong. But every brewery was releasing an IPA and it became too much when only a few rose to the top.

Speaking of a good IPA, the new Clown Shoes DIPA is amazing. It is called Space Cake and is as hoppy as it is sweet. Get a bottle. You’re welcome. Time for the White Ale. Cheers!

In the Glass: It looks like a wheat beer. It had a really nice white head when I poured it, but that is gone now. It is pale yellow and cloudy, and while not as orange as a Blue Moon, it still reminds me of a coriander forward summer beer. I could smell it as I was pouring it, so let’s see what happens when I stick my nose in the glass.

Nose: That has a TON of coriander up front, and then finishes with a nice spicy clove/nutmeg aroma. It actually smells like it would pair well with food, like turkey or pork. It kind of makes me think of Thanksgiving. I hope it tastes as good as Thanksgiving!

Flavor: The Bros on BeerAdvocate rated this a 97… They couldn’t be more wrong. Why would they give this such a high rating? The BA Score is 92. I wonder why… Freshness shouldn’t be a concern on this one. I don’t know how fresh it is, but this beer is rather bland and boring. The same flavors I was smelling are present, but this is nothing to write home about. I wouldn’t even write across the room about this beer. Boo. I was hoping for big things.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is thin and has a slight carbonation to it. I did swish a swallow around in my mouth, and the bubbles went cray cray. I just wanted an excuse to say cray cray. That did open up some additional flavors, but not enough for me to change my mind on the overall flavor.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste might be the best part of this beer. The same thing I was smelling and tasting stick around. It is an almost sticky nutmeg flavor. I am not sure if they make a nutmeg candy, but that is the sort of finish I am getting. Think about chewing on a nutmeg Jolly Rancher.

Oh well. They can’t all be good… This one is not. There is 1 more beer from them left on the list. I hope it is better than this. Now I need to find another beer to drink to make me feel better about drinking beer tonight! Regardless, cheers, people!

Hitachino Nest White Ale – The bottle says: “NA”

Rating: 2/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

I love the owl that is on the label for this brewery. It’s just cute. Yeah, I’m a girl. So sue me.

Let’s start with what the beer looks like. In the glass, it’s kind of a golden yellow, a bit cloudy but not too thick, and just a few little bubbles floating to the top. And maybe I’ve just let it sit too long, but I honestly get nothing out of smelling it. If anything, it smells almost fragrant, like flowers. I hope it doesn’t taste like flowers!

The taste is kind of indescribable. I do like it, but I have a hard time telling what it tastes like. It’s got a bit of citrus taste. It’s also got just enough carbonation. To me, it tastes almost… juicy. But in a good way. It’s kind of a cross between a wheat beer and an ale in my book. I like the balance. It’s good, definitely one I would buy again if the price is right.

Rating: 3.5/5

733 bottles of beer on the wall…

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