726: Point Reyes Porter

726 - Point Reyes PorterName: Point Reyes Porter
Brewery: Marin Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Larkspur, California
Style: American Porter
Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.00%
First Brewed: 1989
Price: $4.99

Tasting Notes
Inky black with a light tan head and great lace. The nose is filled with chocolate and coffee aromas. With a creamy mouthfeel, the flavor profile is dry with espresso and chewy chocolate.

Ricky’s Thoughts

The tasting notes make it sound good. I am not a huge fan of this brewery. For instance, they make the White Knuckle DIPA and the Hoppy Holidaze. The Hoppy Holidaze never sells out, and Total Wine & More will always drop the price after the holidays. I bought it once. I won’t buy it again. This is also the only beer from Marin on the list. But like I said, the tasting notes make it sound delicious.

Brian posted a picture the other night of a porter, and I have been in the mood for a porter ever since. We did a few big stouts with Brian and Michelle the other night, but no porters. Here we go. Cheers!

In the Glass: Can anyone explain the stork on the label? Seems to be on all their labels.

The beer is nice and thick, and has a really nice sticky tan head to it. The lace is incredible, and I just want to dive right in. I kept reading chocolate… My fingers are crossed for that!

Nose: That smells like metal. That’s not a bad thing, but it is not what I expected. It smells like a dry Irish stout. Think about that metallic aroma you get when you smell a fresh pour of Guinness. It’s that… Only times 10! It’s intense. I hope, that as the beer warms up, the aroma simmers down and the flavor isn’t as bad as that. I am a little worried. Also, this was only $4.99. Maybe we found a diamond in the rough. Cheers!

Flavor: We didn’t find a diamond in the rough, but it’s not bad. It tastes like it smells. That’s for sure. It has a weird metallic flavor to it, and the finish, while drying, leaves a funky aftertaste. I will discuss both of those next, but that isn’t what I expected. That’s too bad, too. I was hoping for a nice dessert beer. Glad this is the only beer on the list from Marin. Just not a brewery I care to enjoy on a regular basis.

Mouthfeel: They called it “velvety” and it is… But that is about all this beer has going for it. The mouthfeel is nice, but as soon as I swallow, I am hit with those drying metallic flavors. I really don’t know a better word to describe it. I wonder what Sheryl thinks… Should I ask her?

Aftertaste: The finish is decent. It is drying, and leaves a nice almost dark chocolate finish. That makes me think that as this beer warms up, more malty/chocolatey flavors will start to come out. The beer isn’t bad… It’s just not what I was expecting.

Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for a porter. What else is in the fridge?

Point Reyes Porter – The bottle says:


Like the old Porters of Ireland, our Porter is super-rich and velvety. It is deep brown in color, with richly roasted and chocolatey flavors. Like all Marin Brewing Co. ales, this contains no preservatives and is not heat-pasteurized.


Keep refrigerated. Drink when fresh. Beer is perishable. Serve at 45° F. Pour into a glass to release some effervescence and create a rich, creamy head.


“We’re sure you will enjoy our pub-brewed ales. We use only the finest malts and hops from around the globe; Marin County’s own water and a carefully selected yeast grain. Taste the American Brewing Renaissance. We brew them the way we like them: with character.”

Rating: 2/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

Ricky is making me review beers so fast that I just can’t get caught up! I have so many reviews we have done sitting in my inbox that I haven’t gotten edited and posted yet. I am trying, guys! I will get them done soon, I promise.

Ricky also said that he doesn’t really like this brewing company (or at least that he’s not had much that he liked from them) but that the description of it sounded good. I tend to like porters, but I’m picky about the ones that I like. I mean, I only like good ones. As far as this one goes, it definitely looks like your standard porter in the glass. It’s dark, basically black. It had some head to it at first, but that’s mostly gone now. It smells kind of like dark chocolate. Ricky just said it was pretty gross, but I have to admit, I’ve already had a sip and I disagree.

First sip… I get a bit of the dark chocolate, and also a bit of an almost smoky taste. Ricky said it tastes like metal, and I’m not getting that at all. Trust me, if it tasted like metal to me, I would let you know. I actually kind of like this one. Is it the best porter I’ve had? Well, no, probably not. But it’s decent. I’ve had some bad porters before, and I don’t consider this one of them. I think if it was priced right, I might buy it again.

Rating: 3/5

725 bottles of beer on the wall…

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