BeerAdvocate magazine Discusses Lists

In the August issue of BeerAdvocate magazine, in the Beer Smack section bothers Jason and Todd Alström discuss “listicles.” I wasn’t familiar with the term, but immediately thought of all the lists people make of their favorite brewery, favorite beer or favorite beer bar. I’ve made these lists before. Heck, I was just published two lists for ImagesAZ Magazine. The first list was the top five brewing companies in Arizona and the other a list of the top five beer bars in the Phoenix metro area. Is my list right? No. But neither is yours. Based on what Jason and Todd had to say, they agree with me. Here is their list:

  1. Many claim to be compiled by a panel of experts. Experts in what? Giving an opinion? We all have one.
  2. Most are unoriginal, regurgitated ideas taken from other listicles.
  3. Homerism (local bias) almost always taints these lists.
  4. When it comes to beer, there is no “best,” just opinions of what people think is the best.
  5. All beers within a set or category aren’t taken into consideration, only the ones the other or “panel of experts” have tried.
  6. They’re often designed for a reaction and to generate pageviews, not to create any form of meaningful discussion or to provide any substance.
  7. Everyone does them.
  8. There’s nothing to back them up. No data. Just snark and fluff.
  9. They almost always focus on the latest trendy style or seasonal of the moment.
  10. People buy into them and share them like a virus. Then, those who make the lists brag about them as if they’d just won a lifetime achievement award.

BeerAdvocate has created lists… They even acknowledge that in the article. But they also say they are done. We shall see.

This article comes at a good time, as Sheryl and I discuss what the next step is for this blog. We want to write a book, but our latest idea is a list of the top brewing companies per state. The best in Arizona is Four Peaks. Do they make the most and the best beer? No. But they are iconic and are one of the most well known in the state. See… Are they the best? Maybe. Maybe not. But after reading this, I am not sure I we should write a list.

If we don’t… What do we do? We will never find all 1001 bottles on the “list.” Makes finding and buying these beers, while providing us with a delicious drinking experience, seem pointless and like a waste of money. What do you want to see us write about in the coming weeks/months/years?

I have personally been obsessed with Untappd badges. From the Frat Party to the Uber badges, I just want them all! I unlocked the Legendary badge a few months ago, but that was only 2,500 unique beers. Uber is 10,000!!!

So what should we do? Keep going with the “list” knowing we won’t find them all? Or, per the article I a referencing here, ditch the list altogether? You decide. Whatever we decide will be delicious. Cheers!

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