#WestCoastTour14 Beer List

We just got back from vacation, and I decided to take the entire month of September off from drinking alcohol. On our vacation we visited a lot of different brewing companies and tried a lot of different beers. I used Untappd to track all my beers, but wanted to have a complete collection that I could easily access somewhere online. I wanted to live blog these along the way, but that would have taken a lot of time and would have been more work that it was worth. Hopefully this list will suffice.

Below I will list every beer we tried on our vacation. Most are in order, but the last few I had to track after the fact. We didn’t have a connection, so I emailed myself the list and the reviews. I will also list the brewing company for your reference. It was fun visiting all of these brewing companies, and I fell in love with some styles that I am not used to. Oh, and Coronado. Not a huge fan of their bottled beers… But man, their brewery is incredible. They had so many beers on tap that they don’t bottle. That might have been the highlight of the trip. Anyway, Enjoy!

  1. Woodchuck Hard Cider: Hopsation
  2. Black Market Brewing Company: 5th Anniversary Kentucky Common Ale
  3. Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment: Shake Your Money Maker
  4. Mission Brewery: Cortez Gold
  5. Mission Brewery: The Tominator
  6. Mission Brewery: Raspberry Wheat
  7. Mission Brewery: Carrack
  8. Mission Brewery: Plunder IPA
  9. Mission Brewery: Milk Stout
  10. Mission Brewery: Suitcase Full Of Hops IPA
  11. Mission Brewery: Dark Seas
  12. Mission Brewery: Shipwrecked
  13. Coronado Brewing Company: Punk’in Drublic
  14. Coronado Brewing Company: Cream Of The Hop
  15. Coronado Brewing Company/Kyodo Shoji COEDO Brewery: Coedonado
  16. Coronado Brewing Company: Hoppy Daze
  17. Coronado Brewing Company: Buster 4
  18. Coronado Brewing Company: Monkey Island
  19. Coronado Brewing Company: Helles Awaits
  20. Coronado Brewing Company: Hibiscus IPA
  21. Coronado Brewing Company: Homerun Hefeweizen
  22. Coronado Brewing Company: Belgian Impaler
  23. Coronado Brewing Company: Bobblehead Red IPA
  24. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery: Javier Javier
  25. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery: McGavins Plaid
  26. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery: Mighty Joe Young
  27. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery: Lab Monkey Dark Edition
  28. The Bruery Tart of Darkness
  29. Belching Beaver Brewery: Coconut Milk Randall
  30. Belching Beaver Brewery: Peanut Butter Milk Stout
  31. Belching Beaver Brewery: Easy Herby Pina
  32. The Bruery: Dad’s Infidelity
  33. Julian Cider Company: Black & Blue
  34. Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits: Grapefruit Sculpin
  35. Coronado Brewing Company: Anniversary 18th Annual Specialty Ale
  36. Karl Strauss Brewing Company: Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
  37. Avery Brewing Company: The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest
  38. Golden Road Brewing” Point The Way IPA
  39. Belching Beaver Brewery: Peanut Butter Milk Stout
  40. Coronado Brewing Company: Orange Avenue
  41. Stone Brewing Company: 18th Anniversary
  42. Mother Earth Brewing Company: Sin-Tax Imperial Stout (Peanut Butter)
  43. Oceanside Ale Works: DUDE
  44. Ecliptic Brewing: Canopus India Wheat Ale
  45. Waking Man Brewing: Black Cherry Stout
  46. Hair of the For Brewing Company: Vintage Rooie Dop Strong Ale
  47. Elysian Brewing: The Perfesser
  48. Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB): Organic Fruit Cocktail
  49. No-Li Brewhouse: Rise And Grind
  50. Boneyard Beer Company: Armored Fist CDA
  51. Cascade Brewing Company: The Vine
  52. Cascade Brewing Company: Sang Noir
  53. Cascade Brewing Company: Black Wheat Stout
  54. Cascade Brewing Company: Blueberry
  55. Cascade Brewing Company: Sang Royal (2012)
  56. Cascade Brewing Company: Noyaux
  57. Cascade Brewing Company:  Sang Royal (2010)
  58. Cascade Brewing Company: Oblique Black and White Coffee Stout
  59. Cascade Brewing Company: Strawberry
  60. Cascade Brewing Company: Sun Kissed IPA
  61. Cascade Brewing Company: Saison De Garde
  62. Cascade Brewing Company:  Honey Ginger Lime
  63. Cascade Brewing Company: Black Cap Raspberry
  64. Cascade Brewing Company: Honey Ginger Lime
  65. Buckman Botanical Brewery: Apple Beer
  66. Buckman Botanical Brewery: Misty Haze Pale
  67. Buckman Botanical Brewery: Belgian Black Braggot
  68. Buckman Botanical Brewery: Super Braggot
  69. Buckman Botanical Brewery: Ginger Pale Ale
  70. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Little Dog
  71. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Ruth
  72. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Lila
  73. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Fred
  74. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Doggie Claws (2013)
  75. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Adam
  76. Hair of the Fog Brewing Company: Adam from the Wood
  77. Ex Novo Brewing: Saison Lillis
  78. Ex Novo Brewing: Scottish Red
  79. Ex Novo Brewing: Down & Stout
  80. Breakside Brewery: IPA
  81. Breakside Brewery: Irish Stout
  82. Breakside Brewery: Portmunder X
  83. Breakside Brewery: Ales for ALS Double IPA
  84. Breakside Brewery: Passionfruit Sour Ale
  85. Breakside Brewery: Session Brown
  86. Breakside Brewery: Wanderlust IPA
  87. GoodLife Brewing Company: Sweet As Pacific Ale
  88. Deschutes Brewery: Ales For ALS Rye IPA
  89. Deschutes Brewery: Botanic Ale
  90. Deschutes Brewery: NightMoves Dark Saison
  91. Deschutes Brewery: Bachelor Bitter
  92. Deschutes Brewery: Manifest Chi Black Bock
  93. Deschutes Brewery: Manifest PDX CDA
  94. Deschutes Brewery: Down ’n’ Dirty IPA
  95. Crux Fermentation Project: Polaris
  96. Crux Fermentation Project: Half Hitched
  97. Crux Fermentation Project: [BANISHED] Doublecross
  98. Crux Fermentation Project: Impasse
  99. Crux Fermentation Project: Bert
  100. Crux Fermentation Project: French Connection
  101. Crux Fermentation Project: Doublecross
  102. Crux Fermentation Project: Porter
  103. Crux Fermentation Project: Marzen
  104. Crux Fermentation Project: Peated Scotch Ale
  105. Crux Fermentation Project: X Spelt
  106. Crux Fermentation Project: Better Off Red
  107. Boneyard Beer Company: Diablo Rojo En Fuego
  108. Boneyard Beer Company: Armored Fist CDA
  109. Boneyard Beer Company: Diablo Rojo
  110. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: “Mike Saw a Sasquatch”
  111. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Old School
  112. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Paramount Pale
  113. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Apocalypse IPA
  114. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: S1NISTOR Black Ale
  115. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: O.G. Wheat Ale
  116. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Swill
  117. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Cucumber Crush
  118. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: BGB
  119. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Oregon Brown Ale
  120. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Uberliner
  121. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Apocalypse IPA (cask)
  122. Anderson Valley Brewing Company: The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose
  123. Fort George Brewery: Surise Oatmeal Pale Ale
  124. Oakshire Brewing: Overcast Espresso Stout
  125. Worthy Brewing: Lights Out Stout
  126. The Dudes’ Brewing Company: Grandma’s Pecan
  127. Upright Brewing Company: Small World Saison
  128. Backwoods Brewing Company: Ridge Run Stout
  129. No-Li Brewhouse: Askel Belgian Strong Ale
  130. Gigantic Brewing Company: Ginormous
  131. Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom: Hop Lava
  132. Deschutes Brewery: Fire Sale
  133. Deschutes Brewery: Covert Hoperation
  134. Deschutes Brewery: Foray
  135. Hop Valley Brewing Company: Alpha Centauri Binary IPA
  136. Laurelwood Brewing Company: Tree Hugger Porter
  137. Hop Valley Brewing Company: VIP Vanilla Infused orter
  138. 10 Barrel Brewing Company: Swill
  139. Rogue Ales: Sriracha Stout
  140. Rogue Ales: Big Ass Barrel Lapsang Souchon Tea Porter
  141. Rogue Ales: Buckman Village Ginger
  142. Rogue Ales: Doppelsticke
  143. Rogue Ales: Marionberry Braggot
  144. Rogue Ales: Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye
  145. Rogue Ales: Big Ass Barrel Imperial Stout
  146. Rogue Ales: Big Ass Barrel Lapsang Souchon Tea Porter
  147. Rogue Ales: Big Ass Barrel Scotch Ale
  148. Rogue Ales: Big Ass Barrel Imperial IPA
  149. Bridgeport Brewing Company: Trilogy 1 Crystal Dry Hopped
  150. Bridgeport Brewing Company: Bear Hug
  151. Bridgeport Brewing Company: Porter
  152. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Goooaaalden
  153. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Black Lab Stout
  154. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Chein Enrage
  155. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Triple Threat IPA
  156. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Crazy Ludwig’s Alt
  157. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Brown Brown
  158. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Super Dog
  159. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Stumptown Porter
  160. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Bavarian Crystel Weizen
  161. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: Wheat Stout
  162. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: No Pity Pale
  163. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company: The Mutt Fresh Hop
  164. Crooked Fence Brewing: 3 Cricket Porter
  165. Ex Novo Brewing: Dinkel Dunkel
  166. Evil Twin Brewing: Molotov Cocktail
  167. Fish Brewing Company: Fish Tale Organic Wild Salmon Pale Ale
  168. Fish Brewing Company: Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale
  169. Fish Brewing Company: Full Blast Blonde
  170. Fish Brewing Company: Mudshark Porter
  171. Fish Brewing Company: Leavenworth Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen
  172. Fish Brewing Company: Whistling Pig Hefeweizen
  173. Fish Brewing Company: Spire Mountain Pear Cider
  174. Fish Brewing Company: Reel Ales Hodgson’s Double IPA
  175. Stillwater Artisanal Ales: Beer Table
  176. Pfriem Family Brewers: Hoppy Wheat
  177. Georgetown Brewing Company: Double Ramme
  178. Uncommon Brewers: Oaked Baltic Porter
  179. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Poop Deck Pale Ale
  180. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Rye Knot
  181. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Fog Bank Fall Ale
  182. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Steamer Glide Stout
  183. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Industrial Red
  184. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Industrial Brown Ale
  185. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Scottish Ale
  186. Diamond Knot Craft Brewing: Possession Porter
  187. Dead Frog Brewery: The Obsidian Dagger IPA
  188. Granville Island Brewery: Nat Bailey Lager
  189. Avery Brewing Company: Twenty One
  190. Granville Island Brewery: Island Lager
  191. Granville Island Brewery: Swing Span
  192. Granville Island Brewery: Robson Street Hefeweizen
  193. Granville Island Brewery: False Creek Raspberry Ale
  194. Granville Island Brewery: English Bay Pale Ale
  195. Granville Island Brewery: Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale
  196. Granville Island Brewery: Brockton IPA
  197. Granville Island Brewery: Random Tandem
  198. Driftwood Brewery: Fat Tug IPA
  199. Whistler Brewing Company: Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale
  200. Central City Brewers + Distillers: Red Racer ISA
  201. Phillips Brewing Company: Blue Buck
  202. Parallel 49: Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale
  203. Granville Island Brewery: Zen Dragon White ISA
  204. Cannery Brewing Company: Blackberry Porter
  205. Central City Brewers + Distillers: Red Racer Pilsner
  206. Central City Brewers + Distillers: Red Racer ESB
  207. Bomber Brewing: Belgian Blonde
  208. Persephone Brewing Company: Dry Irish Stout
  209. Central City Brewers + Distillers: Red Racer IPA
  210. Driftwood Brewery: Fat Tug IPA
  211. Steamworks Brewing Company: Pilsner
  212. Parallel 49: Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale
  213. Dead Frog Brewery: Super Fearless Imperial IPA
  214. Storm Brewing: Black Plaque Stout
  215. Hillard’s Beer: Oak Aged Saison
  216. Hoyne Brewing: Dark Matter
  217. Brasserie Die du Ciel: Aphrodite
  218. Hillard’s Beer: Roxanne
  219. Storm Brewing: Imperial Sour Flanders Red
  220. Bridge Brewing Company: Solo
  221. Elysian Brewing Company: Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
  222. Boundary Bay Brewery: Dry Irish Stout
  223. Boundary Bay Brewery: Blonde Ale
  224. Boundary Bay Brewery: Scotch Ale
  225. Boundary Bay Brewery: ESB
  226. Boundary Bay Brewery: Harvest Ale
  227. Boundary Bay Brewery: IPA
  228. Boundary Bay Brewery: Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  229. Off Color Brewing: Troublesome
  230. Evil Twin Brewing: The Cowboy
  231. The Pike Brewing Company: Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale
  232. No-Li Brewhouse: Wrecking Ball
  233. Hale’s Ales Brewery: Barrel Aged Barleywine Style Ale
  234. Boulevard Brewing Company: Chocolate Ale
  235. Seattle Cider Company: Semi-Sweet
  236. Tieton Cider Works: Cherry Cider
  237. Cascade Lakes: 20th Anniversary IPA
  238. Loowit Brewing: Shadow Ninja IPA
  239. Double Mountain Brewery: Carrie Ladd
  240. Denali Brewing: Twister Creek IPA
  241. Woodchuck Hard Cider: Sour Cherry
  242. Deschutes Brewery: Foray
  243. Brassneck Brewery: Klutz
  244. Brassneck Brewery: Ambiguation
  245. Brassneck Brewery: Brassneck Ale
  246. Brassneck Brewery: Passive Aggressive
  247. Brassneck Brewery: Changeling (Cherry)
  248. Brassneck Brewery: Magic Beans
  249. Brassneck Brewery: Changeling (Raspberry)
  250. 33 Acres Brewing Company: 33 Acres of Life
  251. 33 Acres Brewing Company: 33 Acres of Ocean
  252. 33 Acres Brewing Company:  33 Acres of Axel M
  253. 33 Acres Brewing Company: 33 Acres of Schol
  254. 33 Acres Brewing Company: 33 Acres of Solstice
  255. Fort George Brewery: 3-Way IPA
  256. Crux Fermentation Project: Off Leash

I hope I spelled all of those beers correctly. If not, they are all listed on Untappd. I just wanted to have a list on the blog of all the beers we drank. Man, that’s a lot. I was talking to Brett today at work, and told him the total. He said there are some people that will never drink that many beers in their life. He might be right… I’ll drink to that! Well… In October. As of right now, I am not drinking this month. Not sure how long that will last. I already want a beer.

Have you had any of these beers? What are some of your favorites? Let us know. Cheers!

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