SanTan Brewing Launches 16 oz Canned Craft Beer Vault Series

Named after the Valley National Bank’s iconic vault, which still remains, safety deposit boxes and all, at SanTan Brewing Company’s downtown Chandler brewpub, a series of aged craft beers in 16 oz cans will be available this fall. Founder and brewmaster, Anthony Canecchia plans to brew this series in small batches with limited release and higher ABVs.

“Now that the majority of our brewing has moved to the production facility, we have the capacity to experiment with and age small batch beers at the downtown Chandler location,” said Canecchia.

Canecchia plans to feature six different craft beers in the “Vault Series” with each new beer releasing every 6-8 weeks, depending on the aging process. A 100 barrel batch of each “Vault Series” beer will be available, while supplies last in Arizona, California and Texas at select bars, restaurants and retail locations.

The first beer to be released is Count Hopula, a blood red IPA that boasts a 9.1% ABV, 99 IBUs and an intense Simcoe hop bitterness, balanced with an eternally midnight malt. After a six week aging process, this spooky spectacular beer is ready to turn craft beer drinkers into undead hopheads with one bite. Count Hopula is available now at SanTan.

“The 6-8 week aging process is essential for this series due to the high alcohol content. By slowing things down and allowing the yeast to slowly condition the beer we’re able to produce a strong but balanced southwestern style ale,” Canecchia continued.

After Count Hopula, the “Vault Series” beers will include variations of existing seasonal and new brews: Winter Warmer, Mad Czar Russian Imperial Stout, Fat AleBert Hey Hey Heavyweight Brown, Lalapalupalin Ridiculous IPA and KiloHop Ludicrous IPA.

To find a pint or can of SanTan’s “Vault Series” beers near you, visit SanTan Brewing Company’s Beer Finder online at

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