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A few weeks ago, we visited Union Barrelhouse in Old Town Scottsdale. We were actually at Brat Haus, but stopped by on our way home to see what their menu was like. I ordered a flight of beers, including one from Kannah Creek Brewing Company. I had never heard of them before, and was excited to try their beers. When I tried it, I wasn’t very impressed and actually left my comments on Untappd. A couple of days later someone from the brewing company reached out and apologized for my experience with the beer. Needless to say, I was impressed.

After a few comments back and forth on Untappd, we took the conversation to email. I was communicating with Katlin Birdsall, Marketing Coordinator for Kannah Creek. We talked about a lot of things, including my experience with the beer at Union Barrelhouse. She offered to make it right and wanted to send me a few bottles to try and to review on the blog. In the package, she also included a nice personalized letter.

Ricky Potts,

Hopefully the package made it to you safely and all of the bottles are intact! Enclosed you will find two samples of each of our three mainstay beers: Lands End Amber, Standing Wave Pale Ale, and the Broken Oar IPA. I have also enclosed sell sheets for each of the beers to give you a little more background information.

A little more background on the brewery: Our journey began in 2005 in Grand Junction, Colorado, when we opened a small brewpub Kannah Creek Brewing Company. During the first seven years of brewing our focus was always on quality as we developed seven traditional beer styles and multiple seasonal and specialty beers. With several awards to our name and a growing demand for our beer, we took a huge leap and expanded into a brand new 12,00 square foot 30 barrel production facility in south downtown Grand Junction near the Colorado River, Kannah Creek’s Edgewater Brewery.

Throughout our growth we have invested our time, energy, and resources reflecting our passion and devotion to maintain the highest standard quality. We currently bottle three of our mainstays in addition to seasonal selections including: Crossed Irons Irish, Island Mesa Blonde, and the Vertical Drop. We pride ourselves in making beer that is true to its style, pleasing to the palate, and very drinkable.

I hope yo enjoy our beers and I look forward to reading your reviews. I know yo will set-up an interview with Jimbo, but if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much,

Katlin Birdsall
Marketing Coordinator

Are you kidding me? How cool is that? It all started with a bad experience and now they are making it right by giving me the chance to try the beer again, and review them here on our blog. Sheryl also tried the beer at Union Barrelhouse, and didn’t care for it, either. So it will be good that she will get the chance to give these beers the proper review they deserve.

As Katlin mentioned, she sent a sell sheet for each beer. I will include all their tasting notes and comments with each review. It will be fun reviewing their beers, and learning more from Jimbo, the brewmaster at Kannah Creek. That interview will also be shared on the blog. If any brewing company out there is reading this, keep that in mind the next time someone has a negative experience with your beer. Kannah Creek went above and beyond, and have turned me into a lifelong ambassador for their brand. I’ll drink to that. Cheers!

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