Troon North Beer Dinner: Local Arizona Craft Beers

We are back at Troon North Golf Club for another beer dinner. Their first dinner was an Oktoberfest celebration, and over 30 people showed up for that. Tonight we took a journey featuring 5 different brewing companies from the Grand Canyon State and nearly 50 people were in attendance.

During this tour of Arizona, they feature beers from Oak Creek Brewery, Lumberyard Brewing Company, The Phoenix Ale Brewery, Nimbus Brewing Company and Wanderlust Brewing Company. Beers being poured tonight include:

  • Oak Creek Hefeweizen
  • Lumberyard Red Ale
  • Camelback IPA
  • Nimbus Monkeyshine
  • Wanderlust Pan-American Stout (Vanilla Coffee Stout)

The menu for tonight was awesome, too. Each dish paired perfectly with the beers being poured. Here is what they served and some photos of each dish for you to enjoy.

Reception Course
Gourmet Assortment of Popcorn & Roasted Spanish Peanuts

I was unable to get a good photo of this. This course was served outside while attendees played cornhole while the sun went down over the mountains. Truly a magical way to start the evening. The roasted peanuts were delicious, though!

First Course
Beef Carpaccio with red dragon cheese

What in the world is red dragon cheese? Who cares? This stuff was amazing! It was funny… About halfway through the first course, someone at our table says, “What is that? Beef?” Ha! It was a small portion, but man, it was delicious!!!

Troon North Beer Dinner: Beef Carpaccio

Second Course
Camelback IPA Beer battered prawns with hand cut Pomme Frites

Fitting that this course featured the Camelback IPA. Do you think they did that on purpose? I would love to know the process for using beer when beer battering something.

Troon North Beer Dinner: Camelback IPA Beer battered Prawns

Entrée Course
Braised Osso Bucco with roasted root vegetables

This. Was. AWESOME! The meat was tender, and the bone in the middle was filled with delicious marrow. This portion was also small, but the beer paired with it perfectly. Plus, as the beer sat there, it got better. The folks at our table loved the sweetness in the Monkeyshine. Troon North Beer Dinner: Braised Osso Bucco

Gnarly Brownie with espresso Gelato & Walnut Brittle

You had me at gnarly. I mean, come on… This was insane. The espresso gelato was to die for. It didn’t matter how big this serving was. It was too small!!! Plus, the beer paired with this perfectly. It was pretty much like a fresh cup of coffee. Of course, it was cold and brewed with vanilla. A great way to end an unforgettable dining experience.

Troon North Beer Dinner: Dessert

I have been to a lot of beer dinners over the years, and what impresses me the most about the beer dinners at Troon North is the presentation. Everything is perfect. The tables are always themed (like the custom beer bottle vases holding flowers in the center of all the tables), and they provide a wide range of complimentary goodies for people to take home. For instance, tonight they had Oak Creek coasters and key chains littering the tables. People just love the chotchkies.

This was only their second beer dinner, and there were nearly 50 people in attendance. If this is any sign of what is to come, I can’t wait for future beer dinners at the Dynamite Grille. Especially with the pairings… This team really knows what they’re doing.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow the Dynamite Grille on Twitter. They just joined and are already starting to share a lot of great information on menu items and special events happening here at Troon North.

The next beer dinner will be in January. So… Is it January yet? Cheers to the entire team at Troon North for an unforgettable experience.

(Oh, I almost forgot to mention the folks at our table. They were all from Canada, live on Troon North, and learned about the beer dinner in an email blast earlier that week. They were a treat! We talked about golf, the Troon Card, and the time they spend in Arizona. We even talked about some local restaurants and what they like to do for fun while in town. They were a pleasure to meet and talk to, and glad that I was able to share dinner, and beers, with them. I gave them my card… Let’s see if they email me!)

Troon North Beer Dinner Menu

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