720: Uff-Da

720 - Uff-DaName: Uff-da
Brewery: New Glarus Brewing Company
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: New Glarus, Wisconsin
Style: Bock
Alcohol Content (ABV): 7.3%
First Brewed: 1993
Price: $1.49

Tasting Notes
A mocha-with-caramel-syrup kind of nose. Slightly chocolaty, but with serious toffeelike notes as well. Flavor is a tad sweet at first, but balanced out s the bitterness of the hops and roasted malt start to show. Aftertaste is very ling, smooth, and bittersweet.

Ricky’s Thoughts

FINALLY! We are hanging out with friends drinking beers tonight and they have a bottle of Uff-da. Oh, and they also have a bottle of the Wisconsin Belgian Red we are going to try. Excited to drink these with friends and review them with friends.

This beer came from… Well, Wisconsin. I am pretty sure beers from this brewery are only available in Wisconsin. We didn’t even have to trade for these.

In the Glass: There isn’t much head on this, but it is creating a nice lace. Almost “sticky.” Sheryl just said, “the warmer it is the sweeter it gets.” Not sure where that came from, but I am excited to try this. It isn’t a whale, but is hard to get. So thanks to Brian and Michelle for making this beer a reality. Let’s see what she smells like. (It’s weird saying that, but I do want to see what it smells like. Sounds even more weird to say, “Let’s see what he smells like.”)

Nose: Not much aroma on this. I also didn’t realize it was a bock. That means, as Sheryl said, it will get better as it heats up. I hope this tastes better than it smells. OK… Here we go. Oh, and I am going to make Brian give a couple of comments on his experience with the beer.

Flavor: Everyone keeps talking about how sweet this beer is. I hope that it is… I like sweets. First off, it’s not warm enough. But it has a really nice finish. I am getting more carbonation than I expected, too.

Brian is drinking it and said, “I think it’s really damn good. I will give it a 4 out of 5. I like bocks, though. I like this style of beer.”

“Come on, Mr. You Have A Degree In Communications.” Ha! Michelle is hilarious.

“I wish they would put the ABV on the bottle.” I told him it was 7.3%. “It’s pretty smooth.”

Mouthfeel: There is way more carbonation than I expected on this. I will say, that as it heats up, the aroma is getting better and the flavor is changing. As the beer heats up, the mouthfeel gets thin as the flavor gets sweet. I wonder if New Glarus makes a double bock…

Aftertaste: The finish is long and lingers for quite some time. The flavors are bittersweet. I am getting an almost cinnamon flavor, too.

The beer isn’t amazing… But it takes a lot to get it. Sheryl just said the average review on Untappd is 3.5. It’s not quite 3.5 for me… 3. I will give this 3 out of 5. Hopefully the Belgian Red is better than the Uff-da. I do like where they got the name. This is only the third beer of the evening, and we have a lot more to try. Here we go. Cheers!

Uff-da – The bottle says: “Here is a Bock brewed to appease the Gods of Winter. Hearty and full-bodied this is a “Big” bier. Brewed in the Reinheitagebot tradition, our Bock comes by its mahogany hue naturally. You can expect this bier to be complex and smooth with deep chocolate and coffee undertones, complementing the rich bouquet. No matter if you choose to enjoy our Bock before, during or after dinner, remember to service it about 48 F. Because like many good things in life… the warmer Bock is, the sweeter it gets.”

“Vlelen Dank!”

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl’s Thoughts

We are trying this beer tonight thanks to our friends Brian and Michelle, who got it from a friend who went to Wisconsin and are being nice enough to share it with us. We’re also hanging out at their house sampling a few other beers tonight as well, including one more beer from the 1001 Bottles book.

The beer is kind of a cinnamon brown color, with not a lot of head. It smells sweet and kind of fruity, with even a bit of cinnamon or date smell to it. I’ve already tasted it and I can tell you that it smells fruitier than it tastes. It’s not too thick. I think mine is too cold. The bottle says it gets sweeter as it heats up, and I’m going to let mine sit for a minute because it’s not that sweet to me yet.

Everyone here seems to like this, but to me it’s just ok so far. I’ve let mine get a bit warmer, and it does taste a bit better. It’s almost bordering on a sweet barleywine, but not quite. I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I would order it again, however.

Rating: 3.5/5

719 bottles of beer on the wall…

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