Guest Review: King St. Imperial Stout

Name: King St. Imperial Stout
Brewery: Intuition Ale Works
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Jacksonville, FL
Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol Content (ABV): 8.5%
First Brewed: 2010
Price: $11/4 Pack

Oh, this stout is so dense and flavorful that I am taking tiny little sips and relishing each one. Not to sound weird, but I’m rolling it around my mouth. OK, I know that sounds weird. It’s very rollable, though. It coats well.

I also like how it’s named after the street Intuition is on. Because, you know, I get lost a lot.

Tasting Notes: It’s so well-balanced that no aspect is forward. I feel the softness of the toffee as much as I taste the bitterness of the coffee. The hops are present, but well-encased in the other characteristics.

The more I drink it, though, the more the chocolate starts to edge out in front as the dominant note. I get a bitter, dark chocolate… Like a baker’s chocolate.

Mouthfeel: Not chewy, but not thin, either. I’m not saying it’s thick enough to stop a bullet cold, but if you’re nursing a cough like I am, you may need some water, also.

In the Glass: Oh, so beautiful! The head is solid, well-formed, and at least 3 fingers thick. It’s still lacing the glass 10 minutes later. I’m not good at pouring, but this beer did all the work for me.

Nose: Mostly chocolate, with a bit of espresso. It’s like walking into the kitchen and smelling mom’s fudge baking. Oh, I don’t know. My mom didn’t bake. Scratch that. It’s like walking into a fancy chocolatier shop.

Aftertaste: They do this well, so why not finish on a high note? More espresso and coffee finishes off this hearty drink. I’m still feeling the hot booze on my lips. In fact, the booziness stings a little bit, and I’m not complaining!

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