Beers on the West Side with Jared Dubina

A few months ago we decided to visit Dubina Brewing. It’s a new brewing company located on the west side of the Valley. As a matter of fact, it is actually pretty close to where we live, so it made for a convenient trip. We stopped in and were immediately impressed with their beers. We ordered some food, were impressed by that, and left happy. We have since been back several times, always leaving satisfied… Sometimes leaving with a growler full of their beer. They make some really good beers, including their Arrowhead Imperial IPA, their Zizkov Kolsh (and I am fickle when it comes to that style) and their What Gose Up?

The last few times we were in, I asked to speak with Jared Dubina, the man behind the brewing company. Hence the name! He’s never there, so I reached out to him on Facebook. Finally we were able to connect for an interview! I just had to know more about this brewing company, their history, and their beers. If you get the chance, make sure you visit. It’s worth the trip, regardless of where you live. I also look forward to trying some of their new beers including their Barley Wine and their Pats Pale Ale. Oh, and I can’t wait to see what beers they bring to the Strong Beer Festival next month.

Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to raise a glass and introduce you to Jared Dubina.

You guys are fairly new. Tell me more about the brewery, the location, and how it all got started.

Our brewery is family owned and operated with my father, mother and I. After a few months of opening we really needed someone to take over the brewing of the beers as it was so much work for myself and father to do while the daily operations of the business, so we found Patrick McCanna. He worked with SanTan Brewing Company for over two years and a short time with Uncle Bears Grill & Tap.

We are located in Glendale, AZ off Bell Road and 67th Ave. When we saw this location, we knew it was a diamond in the rough. The west side has really been wanting a craft brewery of their own for some time, myself included, and that’s exactly why we opened up over here.

You have a happy hour during the week. What discounts will I find during happy hour?

During our happy hour (3pm to 6pm) we offer $1 off all pints and flights of beer, in addition 15% off appetizers. Also, we have weekly specials. Tuesdays – $9.99 Brat and Beer, Wednesday $0.65 cent wings, Thursday is happy hour all night and Friday $12.99 growler fills.

We’ve been to the brewery several times. Always impressed with the beers. Tell me more about the beers you are brewing and what new beers are coming up.

Our beers we brew are a mix of traditional styles such as Dubina Ale, which is a nutty brown ale. Also our What Gose Up? and Havasu Hefeweizen. And soon, our highly anticipated Pilsner, as soon as our new 7bbl system is all in place. But we also brew unique beers that Patrick and I come up with. Such as our Snoatmeal Stout, where we got snow from flagstaff and melted it down and filtered it to use as our water. Or our Trailmix Porter, which will be nuts, raisins and cocoa nibs in a porter. We have plenty of new ideas for brews that will come out each month in 2015.

That gose is insane. Maybe the closest I have found to the Westbrook Gose. I wanted more salt, but it was insanely good. Any more sour beers coming soon?

We have plans to brew more sours, we are going to keep our plastic fermenters and use them for sours and keep dedicated lines for them so we don’t cross contaminate anything.

I love hops, by the way. The IPA is the hottest beer being brewed right now. With hops becoming more expensive, what is the next big style you see replacing hoppy beers?

I don’t see IPAs being “replaced.” I also don’t believe the popularity of them will go away because of the price of hops or scarce supply. The popularity is there for a reason, so if hop supply goes down the price of IPAs will go up. Simple supply and demand.

I can buy a growler, but what about a prowler? Any plans of adding a 32-ounce offering?

We will fill any growler that meets Arizona state law – that we can seal and has the government warning.

You brew a lot of beers. What is your favorite?

People always ask me what my favorite beer is, and the truth is I don’t discriminate. I love them all equal.

Who designed your logo?Our logo was designed by an old friend of mine Justin Crabtree, I have known him for about ten years now.

I’m hungry. What is on your food menu?

We have a full menu, which includes wings, salads, sliders, bratwurst and so many other delicious items.

Have you ever made a mistake while brewing?

I have made several mistakes. I have had to dump 3 batches… And it hurts each time. However, you learn from your mistakes and since Patrick has been here, not one has gone down.

If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what beer would it be?

If I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life, it would have to be Pilsner Urquell. Because I want people to know my Czech family heritage pride.

What’s next for Dubina Brewing?

Next for Dubina Brewing is our 7 barrel system being installed in March, and hopefully some distribution.

In all of the interviews I always give the artist the last word. Go.

I’m extremely thankful for our Kickstarter supporters, loyal regulars and especially my family. All of these people have stood by my dream and all helped to make it come a reality. I hope this brewery brings people together and show that perseverance can bring anyone’s dream a reality.

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