Shaggy Bock Now In Stores and on Tap

Inspired by the majestic juniper trees that span for miles across the rim of the Grand Canyon, Shaggy Bock is back! With its smoky malt flavor, Shaggy Bock will have you dreaming of camping trips, mountain climbing and white water rafting down the Grand Canyon trails.

The Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s Shaggy Bock is a Rausch Doppelbock style lager made with malt that has been smoked with shaggy bark from locally sourced Juniper trees. To counter balance the smokiness, toasted French oak is added at fermentation for a woodsy flavor.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Grand Canyon Brewing Company has packed a Flavor Bomb with a toasted oak stick – the longer it ages, the stronger the flavor. Shaggy Bock pairs perfectly with red meats, hearty veggies and cigars.

Shaggy Bock Quick Facts
: Rausch Doppelbock
Malt: Shaggy Bark Smoked Light Gambrinus, Light Schill, Dark Schill
Yeast: Lager
Color: Amber
ABV: 6.8%
OG: 16
IBU: 26
Flavor Bomb: Toasted Oak Stick
Availability: Kegs and bomber bottles, February – April

Shaggy Bock will be available at select craft beer bars across Arizona and Nevada. For more information about the technology behind the Flavor Bomb and to order the bombs for use in home brewing visit

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