Crafting the Perfect Round: GolfBeer Brewing Co.

Crafting the Perfect Round: GolfBeer Brewing Co.A few moths ago, I started following the GolfBeer Brewing Co. on Twitter. I did a little bit of research and found three TOUR players behind this brewing company. As the story goes, Freddie Jacobson was first introduced to the idea of brewing a beer after a conversation he had with his friend and business associate, Patrik Waxin.” From there Freddie jumped at the chance to combine three of his passions, golf, beer and building a business. As if his time on the European Tour and PGA TOUR wasn’t enough. Now he wants to brew beer. I’ll drink to that!

After a few emails with the brewery, all three cans were on their way for us to review. They currently brew three beers right now including Freddie’s, G-Mac’s and Keegan Bradley’s. The names aren’t very creative, but hey… I am focused on what the beers taste like. Below is a brief recap of the three beers.

Freddie’s Scandinavian Style Blonde Ale
At 4.5 percent alcohol by volume and 11 IBUs, Freddie’s is a classic golden-blonde ale that’s clear, crisp and refreshing. Its blend of Crystal malts and European hops combine to make a full-flavored, drinkable craft beer that refreshes without weighing you down.

G-Mac’s Celtic Style Pale Ale
G-Mac’s Celtic Style Pale Ale is a crisp ale with a citrusy bite and just a hint of sweetness for that perfect balance of flavors. At 5.0 percent alcohol by volume and 30 IBUs, G-Mac’s is drinkable, yet satisfying. And its floral hop flavor provides a snappy finish that’s perfect on the course or in the clubhouse.

Keegan Bradley’s New England Style Lager
Keegan’s New England Style Lager is an easy drinking, amber lager with a medium-bodied flavor that delivers a well-balanced taste. At 4.5 percent alcohol by volume and 11 IBUs, it’s the drinkable craft beer that’s perfect after a round with friends or at the tailgate before the big game.

I love the GolfBeer Brewing Co. brand. Their cans are nicely designed, bright, and will, as this brewing company continues brewing beer, become iconic sitting on store shelves. I like their logo, too. Curious who designed it… Their website is really well done, too. Everything about this brand is polished and I am excited to try these beers. First up, Freddie’s.

Name: Freddie’s Scandinavian Style Blonde Ale

Brewery: GolfBeer Brewing Co.
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Lakeland, FL
Style: American Blonde Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.50%

“Our lives have always revolved around golf, but we also are passionate about great beer, so we’re really excited about this.” – Freddie Jacobson

Not sure why I started with this one, but I am going to drink all tonight to compare. I am curious what makes this a Scandinavian style blonde ale. That makes sense. I am sure this is one of his favorite styles of beer, too.

In the Glass: The beer is darker than I expected for a blonde ale. Nice subtle head, too. Cloudy; almost looks like an unfiltered wheat beer.

Aroma: That smells like a blonde ale. There is a subtle sweetness to it, and I am getting what remind me of Belgian yeast characteristics.

Flavor: The flavor isn’t bad, but not a style I would drink often. But would taste good on a hot summer day… Say on a golf course?

Aftertaste: The aftertaste is awesome. Those same yeasty esters I was smelling I am getting here in the finish. The finish lingers, too. I want more!

That is a good start to the GolfBeer Brewing Co. I think I will drink Keegan’s next. Cheers!

Rating: 3.75/5

Name: Keegan Bradley’s New England Style Lager

Brewery: GolfBeer Brewing Co.
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Lakeland, FL
Style: American Amber / Red Lager
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.50%

Up next is Keegan’s New England Style Lager. Good timing for me to review a beer associated with Keegan Bradley. Earlier today I was talking to my buddy Matty Du Plessis and he mentioned Keegan. I have to be honest though… I can’t stop thinking about his new golf shoes and his little spat with Miguel Ángel Jiménez the other day. But tonight I am focused on his beer.

In the Glass: This beer is much darker and has a much nicer head. I guess I just assumed this was going to be light, easy to drink, and, well… Boring!

Aroma: Smells clean… almost like a German pilsner. I can’t wait to be in Germany later this year so I can try a German pilsner in Germany!

Flavor: Meh. That isn’t very good. Not much flavor, and a pretty boring experience. There are some decent notes in the finish, though.

Aftertaste: I am getting some nice caramel notes in the finish. Nothing that makes me want another drink… But still some noticeable flavor.

This is fun being able to try them all together like this. But Keegan, I am not a big fan of this beer. What makes this beer a New England style lager, anyway? Is that a recognized style?

Rating: 2.5/5

Name: G-Mac’s Celtic Style Pale Ale

Brewery: GolfBeer Brewing Co.
Country of Origin: United States
City & State: Lakeland, FL
Style: English Pale Ale
Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.50%

This sounds more like my style. I always knew Graeme McDowell was a beer drinker. I mean, he is from Ireland, after all. I must admit, I didn’t think a beer that was attached to his name would be a pale ale, though. Check this out. I found this video on the GolfBeer Brewing Co. website. This actually gives us an inside look at all three beers and explains more why each golfer picked the style they did. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed that video. Let’s get back to the beer. Up next is a pale ale. I am a big hop head, so I saved this one for last on purpose. I hope this one offers some subtle hop character. Not sure what a Celtic style pale is, but I am about to find out. Cheers!

In the Glass:The beer has a thick head and a lovely cloudy copper color that I can’t wait to try. Been saving this one for a while. You know me and hops!

Aroma:Did they forget to put hops in this one? No aroma of hops whatsoever. Doesn’t smell bad, but not what I was expecting from a pale ale.

Flavor: That isn’t what I expected at all. I  mean, it’s easy to drink. But not the flavor I was expecting. I would never consider this a pale ale.

Aftertaste: Still no hops… But I am getting a subtle flavor in the back of my palate that I like. But still, not what I expected from a pale.

Rating: 3/5

I hope these beers are distributed to Arizona in the near future. Especially with the number of golf courses in the Valley, it would make sense they start showing up here. Florida, too, though. I wonder how many golf courses in Florida have these beers either on the beverage cart or in the clubhouse. I bet these golfers have a keg or two at home! If you are a golfer, and like drinking craft beer, then pay attention to the GolfBeer Brewing Co. and these canned brews. Cheers!

*After writing these reviews, I realized that GolfBeer Brewing Co. beers are brewed at Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida. I haven’t been to Brew Hub, but this place looks awesome.

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