Road Zoda 2.0 Nectarine Horchata Wheat Ale

Road Zoda 2.0, the collaboration beer between Craft 64 and Mudshark Beer is set to release next Thursday, July 2nd. This is the second time local craft beer expert, James Swan has teamed up with Mudshark to brew this delicious summer beer. But, this year the brew will be a bit different from the wildly popular Road Zoda 2.0 craft beer. This year’s batch is nectarine horchata wheat ale.

Brewed with fresh nectarines, fresh cinnamon, vanilla beans and a touch of mango for balance, Road Zoda 2.0 will have a light citrus wheat flavor with undertones of the classic horchata flavors. This brew will finish as a slightly hazy blonde wheat weighing in at 4.2% ABV and 15 IBU.

“I love brewing with the great team at Mudshark, they’re really good at brewing high quality fruit beers and I love to brew with fruit, it’s a great partnership,” said Swan.

Two of James’ employees, Keith and Stephan, were able to make the trip out to Mudshark in Lake Havasu to help out with the process. But, there was a catch, they had to successfully complete their cicerone certifications before brew day – both guys passed with flying colors. The team of three from Craft 64 brewed alongside Mitch, Mudshark’s head brewer.

Road Zoda 2.0 will pair perfectly with Craft 64’s Blanco Pizza and their new Summer Peach Salad made with spring mix, arugula, fresh peaches and honey roasted pecans then tossed with a peach and honey vinaigrette. So, be sure to stop by Craft 64 on June 25th for a pint or two before Road Zoda 2.0 sells out this summer.

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