Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps

Over the years we have saved beer caps. We also save corks because a lot of big beers are corked. We have an apple box full of them and a small wooden barrel that is overflowing. I’ve been telling Sheryl we need to visit an antique store and buy a bigger barrel. Something about the barrel that just looks cool. Anyway, another option for you beer cap collectors out there might be Beer Cap Maps.

There are a wide variety of Beer Cap Maps, and while I like the USA Map, I love the idea of having a huge wall in our house covered in different State Maps with bottle caps from beers from those states. Imagine this… A huge wall with all 50 State Maps filled up. That sounds like so much fun!

I was curious, so I counted the caps for the Florida State Map. 49. Easy! With the number of caps we have at home, chances are good we could fill a lot of states with ease. The Beer Cap Maps are affordable, too.

The State Maps start at $39 while the USA Map is only $75. They even have a Country Maps, including Europe, and several Mini Map Six Packs. That’s clever! Anyway, I really like the look of them and think we should get one. Sheryl, what do you think?

It looks like they recently released a USA Beer Can Map. Not sure I like those as much. The beers would have to be full, too, because when someone finished a can of beer, it must be smashed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Anyone out there have a Beer Cap Map at home? If so, send pictures. Would love to see what you’re working with. Cheers!

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