Beer Cap Maps with Jesse Darley and Steve Latham

Beer Cap Maps with Jesse Darley

We don’t have a Beer Cap Map yet, but we recently shared a blog post about them. I was so intrigued I reached out to them and connected with the founders. That is when Jesse Darley agreed to an interview. I was excited to learn more about the concept and to continue sharing my interview skills here on 1001 Bottles. We have been collecting beer caps for a long time… Maybe Beer Cap Maps is an excuse to start doing something with them. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Jesse Darley. Cheers!

Where did you come up with the idea for Beer Cap Maps?
We are two engineers and product developers in Madison, Wisconsin who have always dreamed about creating a product that would make people happy and allow us to experience the thrill of owning our own business. We didn’t expect that Jesse’s son would start us down the path of the product that has become Beer Cap Maps.

When Jasper was six years old he started collecting caps at backyard cookouts and dinner parties. He asked his parents to help him keep his caps safe. Liza, his mother, gave him a zip lock bag, pushing her creative limits. Jesse, on the other hand, was in a creative spirit and had access to a laser cutter. I created the first Beer Cap Map (the state of Wisconsin) and it was a hit with Jasper and anyone else who saw it.

Are there any states or countries you don’t have maps for?
We have all 50 states, wood and metal versions of the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and about fifteen other countries. We even have a huge world map!

Where can I buy a Beer Cap Map?
The best place to get an official Beer Cap Map is on our website. Maps ship fast and you can have them within days of an order.

We also have about 150 stores around the country that carry our products and try to keep an updated list on our website for people who need something today or want to support their local shops.

How much do they cost and how did you decide to price them when you got started?
Our wood maps are $39 for states and most countries. Our larger US, Canada, Europe and World wood maps are $75. Our Desktop US map is $29 and comes with a stand. Metal maps are $49 for a state and $75 for a US map. The 8 foot wide US puzzle map is $199.

We set the price at a point that allows us to carefully choose our wood, ensure unique wood grain on each product and maintain the quality and customer service our customers have come to expect.

What happens if I order a Beer Cap Map and I don’t like it? Do you have a return policy?
You can read about our return policy here.

You guys have other products like bottle opener coasters and Crownhole Games. Do you have plans to add more products in the future?
Yes! We are finalizing the design and roll out of a beautiful, simple bottle opener that gives you perfectly flat caps.

We are also rolling out a web based design tool that will let you get you design your own Crownhole board. You can put pictures, words and anything else you can think of onto a board. Keep an eye out for it this summer!

What Beer Cap Maps do you have hanging on your wall at home?

Steve’s maps:

  • Metal US map in the family room
  • Framed wood US map high up in the kitchen (one of our maps from the 1st year)
  • Desktop US map in the bar area
  • USA and Wisconsin maps hanging in the garage

Jesse’s maps:

  • The original prototype Wisconsin in Jasper’s room
  • A custom Madison, WI map in my dining room
  • A metal Minnesota map on my front porch
  • A Europe map with tons of Belgian caps in my basement

Has anyone ordered all 50 states at the same time? I have to be honest… I can imagine a wall with all 50 states just full of beer caps.
We haven’t had anyone buy all 50 of our standard sized maps. But we have sold a bunch of the 8-foot puzzle maps! We created the puzzle map in response to people just like you who wanted to go big and have all the states on their wall. It is an incredible work of art once it is up.

You guys are active on Facebook and Instagram. What other digital marketing are you guys doing?
We have a Twitter account and promote on a few websites that are focused on craft beer. We also do the typical Google and Amazon ads.

Our favorite digital marketing comes from blogs and gear sites featuring our products and we have gotten to know some awesome people at sites like GearMoose, Craft Beer Time and others.

There are a lot of great breweries out there. What are some of your favorite local craft breweries?
We both love New Glarus Brewing. Both because we have to as Wisconsinites, and because they make great beer. Steve has a soft spot for Lake Louie Brewing and Jesse likes Bell’s Brewery both for their great beers and their amazing caps.

Do you ship these all over the world or just in the United States? What is the furthest you’ve shipped a Beer Cap Map?
We currently ship to the US and Canada. We had international shipping for about a year and sold a good number of maps to awesome Aussies.

Any plans to bring Beer Cap Maps to retail stores? Would love to see these on store shelves.
We have maps and coasters in over 180 stores nationwide!!!

Where are Beer Cap Maps manufactured?
Milwaukee, WI. A great, historical beer city that is right down the road from us.

When did you release the metal Beer Cap Maps?
We started selling the metal maps late in the spring of 2016.

Any plans for other colors/materials in the future?
Nothing set in stone, but we are always looking for the next thing people want to see. We always take suggestions and love hearing what people want to see.

What’s next for Beer Cap Maps?
We are going to keep concentrating on getting great looking maps into people’s hands and helping them share their pictures and experiences on social media. We don’t have plans for any big changes and just love seeing how much fun people are having with their maps. We are going to keep pushing into new markets like wedding gifts and customized gifts and think it will be even more fun to see what people do with these new ideas.

In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Pop it. Drink it. Map it! As easy as that.

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