Momentum Brewhouse Bottle Release: Twisted Cap Bourbon Barrel Aged

Twisted Cap Bourbon Barrel Aged

When we moved to Bonita Springs, the first brewery we visited was Momentum Brewhouse. Momentum Brewhouse is the only brewery in Bonita Springs, and is the closest brewery to our house. We didn’t stop there, though, and visited every other local brewery within a few days. But Momentum has a special place in our hearts.

Over time, we’ve befriended some of the staff, including the owner, Brian Hahn. He isn’t always there, but it’s always good to see him and catch up when he is at the brewery. We visit the brewery a lot, and are always excited when they release a new beer. I will say this… They don’t release a lot of new beers, but what they do release is good. One of their best beers to date is Twisted Cap… A 12% barleywine. The beer is also 96 IBU, but you would never know it. It is so smooth.

Twisted Cap was their best beer… Until they tossed it in bourbon barrels and bottled it! They released the barrel aged version last week, and we were there. As a matter of fact, we were first in line to get the beer. It was their first bottle release, and we couldn’t miss it.

We planned to get there early, in case there was a line, and we did… Around 11:30 that morning. I fully expected there to be more people there, but we managed to sneak to the front of the line. For what it’s worth, we beat Brian there. I was pretty happy about that! When he pulled in he rushed over, said hello, and opened the door. They only had 120 bottles of this, and it was limited to 2 bottles per person. We were pretty much guaranteed to get a bottle!

If the beer was cold, we planned to drink it there… It was! But apparently there is some silly law that says you can’t drink it at the brewery. Dumb. We took it home, went to a few more breweries, and came home to drink it! We did buy 2 bottles… 1 to drink and 1 to age.

We planned to do a full review of the beer, but wanted to savor the moment. The beer is incredible. It is everything the base beer is but better. I got a lot of sweet bourbon notes on the nose and the flavor was sweet. The aftertaste lingered and if I closed my eyes, I could picture the barrel this beer aged in. It was incredible, and well worth the $18 per bottle price tag. I mean… The beer was bottled by hand, capped by hand, and labeled by hand. THAT is what drinking local is all about.

Before we left the brewery we noticed they will soon be releasing a Barrel Aged Knee Highs. Brian said they would probably can that one, though. Makes sense… It seems like a process to bottle things if everything is done by hand. Regardless of what they release next, we will be there. Chances are we will be first in line!

Brian, keep doing what you’re doing and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Cheers!

Momentum Brewhouse Bottle Release: Twisted Cap Bourbon Barrel Aged

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