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Ricky is a Digital Communications Manager and craft beer connoisseur. Ricky has been blogging (www.rickyleepotts.com) for quite some time, but a couple of years ago wanted to start a beer blog. The beer blog is a journey through 1001 bottles of beer. Some are in cans… but you get the idea. From lagers to barleywines, there is something to appreciate in every bottle of beer. His favorite styles are India Pale Ales and barleywines. Ricky resides in Scottsdale and tries to play golf every weekend!

Ricky also worked as a merchandiser at Total Wine & More. He worked over 20 hours a week educating consumers on beer, beer styles, and even food pairings. Total Wine has over 2,500 different beers to choose from, as well as 3,000 spirits and over 8,000 different bottles of wine. While working at Total Wine & More, Ricky became a Certified Beer Server, the first level of the Certified Cicerone Program.

Bottoms Up Beer Tastings

Ricky also ran the Bottoms Up Beer Tastings meetup group that met every Monday night somewhere in the Valley of the Sun. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the meetup is no longer active. However, Ricky is dedicating the time that was being geared toward the group and is putting that focus on the 1001 bottles list. Consider this one more excuse to drink!

I love beer. I actually started drinking beer when I was 16… legally of course. I had my first beer while visiting my aunt in Paris, France. The first night I was there we had dinner at some random restaurant. You had to be 16 to order alcohol… and sure enough, I was 16 years old. The first beer that I ordered… I didn’t even open. I saved it. I actually still have that beer today. It was a 1664 (not very good having tried that beer as an adult) but a lifetime of memories nonetheless.

I have since learned to appreciate beer. I have even had the opportunity to make my own beer here at home, preparing an IPA (we called it the “dirty IPA” in case it wasn’t very good) as our first batch. We have only made one batch of beer, yet we still have a few bottles left.

I really like a good IPA. The more bitter the better. But at the same time, I won’t turn down a single style. I like porters… I like ales… I like wheat beers… you name it, I will drink it. But the bitter IPA is what I prefer. I also LOVE hops. Basically, I will drink anything and everything. I do, however, prefer beer on tap. It just tastes better.

The process that we went through, in just making a single five gallon batch, was WAY too much work. I have mad props for the people who do this for a living. When we discovered the book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die I made it a priority… I put it on my bucket list (even though my bucket list is all in my head) and we ordered the book.

I can’t wait to start this… think about it… 1001 beers. We are going to buy them, one bottle at a time, and drink them together. Sheryl and I will grow so much as a couple throughout this saunter. As I always say, bottoms up people. I’m thirsty!

8 Responses to “Ricky Potts”

  • Don

    Ricky, here is the Tequila I was talking to you about in the store today.

    I hope you get a chance to try it. What are you favorite sipping tequilas?


    Thanks Don

    • Hey, thanks for finding this and for sending this my way. I have never seen that bottle… but want some! I like pretty much ANY anjeo. I need a cigar, though! Hope you had a chance to look around the blog. And good luck finding that bottle!

  • Ricky, we have a brewpub-in-progress that is raising money on our crowdfunding platform. Would you be interested in interviewing them on your podcast? Time is running out on their campaign and we’re trying to help get them to their goal.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! We would love to interview them. Where is the brewpub? We are ALL about craft beer and are able and willing to help whenever we can. Let us know. Cheers!

  • Hi Ricky,

    We have been following your blog and we are impressed at your knowledge about beer.

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    It is called the Sonic Foamer and it creates the perfect foam for your beer. Additionally it enhances the flavor and boosts the aroma.

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  • Kevin Panitch

    Hey Ricky,

    I am an entrepreneur and beer lover who is a big fan of your site and work. Often I find myself overwhelmed by the number of craft beer options available and find it difficult to choose one to try! Combining my passion for craft beer and entrepreneurship, I recently created a free iPhone application called YourBeer which solves this decision dilemma.

    YourBeer asks 5 fun and simple questions and recommends a type of beer to try based on the answers that someone selects. This creates an enjoyable way for people to pick a craft beer!

    Please let me know if you think your readers would enjoy this app and if it would be worth sharing with them. I really enjoy your site and think it would be a great place to feature the app.

    If not, no problem. I will still be coming to your site for all my beer news and entertainment!

    Kevin Panitch

  • Have you heard about #1 Beer Fan competition? We would love for you to be a part of the judging that is due to start as soon as contestant video submissions are received.

    Check out our video that explains it all: 1beerfan.com


    Marty Nachel, author,
    “Beer for Dummies”
    “Homebrewing for Dummies”

  • Hello, we have a brewpub-in-progress that is raising money on our crowdfunding platform. Would you be interested in interviewing them on your podcast? Time is running out on their campaign and we’re trying to help get them to their goal.

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