Andrew Arnold (AA)
Andrew Arnold is based in Copenhagen. He has fifteen year’s experience writing for food and drink publications and worked at Carlsberg as a public relations consulting for six years. He writes about the history of lager in the United Kingdom at

Zak Avery (ZA)
Zak Avery was The British Guild of Beer Writers Writer of the Year for 2008. He runs one of the best beer shops in the United Kingdom and shares his passion via his blog, Are You Tasting the Pith?, at

Jay R. Brooks (JB)
Jay has been writing about beer for nearly twenty years from his home in Northern California. He’s the former general manager of the Celebrator Beer News and currently writes a syndicated column, “Brooks On Beer,” which appears in newspapers throughout the United States.

Pete Brown (PB)
Pete is the author of several best-selling books including Hops and Glory: One Man’s Search for the Beer that Built the British Empire. He travels the world in search of great beer and blogs at

Melissa Cole (MC)
Melissa is one of the United Kingdom’s leading beer experts, with ten year’s experience of writing and broadcasting about brewing, pubs, and the hospitality industry. She also has judged at some of the world’s leading beer contests.

Charles D. “Chuck” Cook (CC)
Charles is a freelance writer who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. He has visited nearly 100 Belgian breweries and over 200 beery cafes during nineteen trips to “The Beer Country”. He is currently working on his own book about Belgium and its fantastic beer culture.

Des de Moor (DdM)
Des is one of the United Kingdom’s leading experts on bottled beer. Since 2002, he has written the regular bottled beer review column and occasional features for the Campaign for Real Ale’s magazine, BEER.

David Downie (DD)
David is one of Australia’s leading beer commentators and has written about beer and beer culture since the late 1990s. He is the founder of and a partner in a major law firm.

John Duffy (JD)
John lives in Dublin and blogs about the beer scene in Ireland and abroad at He is the administrator of Ireland’s main online resource for beer and brewing:

Jeff Evans (JE)
Jeff has eight editions of the Campaign for Real Ale’s Good Beer Guide and has written seven editions of the Good Bottled Beer Guide. His is also the author of The Book of Beer Knowledge and A Beer a Day, and has been judged Beer Writer of the Year by his colleagues in the British Guild of Beer Writers. More of Jeff’s work can be found at

Alastair Gilmour (AG)
Alastair is one of the United Kingdom’s sharpest beer writers. A multi-award winner, he writes regularly in newspapers and specialty publications. He has contributed to two best-selling booked and judged beer events in cities across the world, including London, New York, Prague and Berlin.

Simon Gray (SG)
Simon is a freelance writer and music playlist designer for restaurants and bars. Based in Hertfordshire, his specialist fields are travel, music, and food and drink.

Geoff Griggs (GG)
Beer Hunter Michael Jackson wrote, “I first met Geoff Griggs over pints of Fuller’s, in our neighborhood local in west London. Now he is a tireless and fastidious reporter for the New Zealand brewing scene.”

Tim Hampson (TH)
Tim has one of the best jobs in the world – he is paid to drink beer for a living. A regular writer and broadcaster on beer, he travels the world in pursuit of the perfect drink.

Bryan Harrell (BH)
Bryan is a Tokyo-based beer writer with a wide knowledge of the Japanese craft beer scene. He publishes a newsletter on beer in Japan at

Stan Hieronymus (SH)
Simon has traveled the United States many times over while writing about beer. He is the author of seven books, including Brew Like a Monk and Brewing With Wheat. He comments regularly at his website,

Andrew Howitt (AH)
Andrew is a well-traveled freelance journalist, translator, and beer writer specializing in South American beers. Andrew spends much of his time in Brazil exploring the emerging craft beer scene there.

Sylvia Kopp (SK)
Sylvia is a freelance beer writer. She hops a diploma as beer-sommelier from Doemens Academy, a brewing school near Munich, gives sensory trainings and tastings, and judges beer sin international contests suh as the World Beer Cup (United States) and the European Beer Star (Germany).

Rick Lyke (RL)
Rick has written for numerous publications, including All About Beer, DRAFT Magazine, Cigar Aficionado, and the Brewing News regional brewspapers. His blog, Lyke2Drink, covers beer, wine, and spirits. Lyke founded the Pints for Prostates campaign.

Maurizio Maestrelli (MM)
Maurizio is an Italian food, wine, and beer journalist. He is a regular contributor to many magazines, including Gambero Rosso, Il Mondo della Birra, and De Vinis. In 2006, he was elected Best Beer Journalist by Unionbirrai, the Italian Association of Craft Beer Producers. His books include Birrerie d’Italia and Birra ai Fornelli.

Jamie Middleton (JM)
Jamie is a freelance writer who lives in Bath, England, with his wife and son. With over a decade’s experience in critiquing bars and restaurants he particularly enjoys reviewing alcoholic beverages.

Lisa Morrison (LMo)
Lisa loves to “talk beer” and has done so in person, in print, on the radio, and on TV for over a dozen years. Known as “The Beer Goddess”, she reminds us that “every beer has a story”.

Randy Mosher (RM)
Randy has been writing about beer since 1989 and is the author of The Brewers Companion (2004), and Tasting Beer (2009). Randy is a member of the faculty of Chicago’s Siebel Institute of Technology.

Laurent Mousson (LM)
Laurent is a French-speaking Swiss with a long-lasting love of British ales. He has been involved in the European Beer Consumers Union for over a decade.

Larry Nelson (LN)
Larry is editor and publisher of Brewers’ Guardian the international brewing industry magazine; and, from late 2005, editor and publisher of The Brewery Manual and Who’s Who, the authoritative annual guide to the United Kingdom’s alcoholic drinks trade.

Werner Obalski (WO)
Werner is a freelance journalist and spirits writer who also covers beer and wine. In 2008, he published books about sherry and tequila and contributed to The Beer Book.

Chris O’Brien (CO)
Cris is the author of Fermenting Revolution: How To Drink Beer and Save the World. He is also Director of Sustainability at the U.S. university buy day and blogs at Beer Activist by night. In between, he roams the globe researching traditional brewing.

Michael Opalenski (MO)
Michael has liked beer ever since happening upon a home-brewing kit in Pollenzo, Italy, while attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences. His passion fermented and matured, leading to his graduate thesis. Today he works in the industry with a U.S. beer importer.

Ron Pattinson (RP)
Ron bon vivant and archive junkie, haunts the Internet with his pub guides and blog. Lager, AK, gose, mild, Barclay Perkin, and dragging his kids around pubs are his main obsessions. His lives in Amsterdam.

Joris Pattyn (JPa)
Joris is a renowned commentator of fine beers and has judged brewing contests worldwide. Flemish born, he has also contributed to various publications.

Jeff Pickthall (JP)
Jeff founded the legendary beer bar Microbar in London in 2001. He later worked for Utobeer at London’s Borough Market and helped to set up their bar, The Rake.

Evan Rail (ER)
Evan is based in Prague and is the author of Good Beer Guide: Prague and the Czech Republic and a writer on beer and travel throughout Europe. He has a nearly unquenchable thirst for lambic and geuze.

Don Russell (DR)
Don is better known as Joe Sixpack, beer reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News, where his weekly column appears. He is an author, speaker, elbow-bender, ink-stained newsman, and two-time American Beer Writer of the Year.

Tom Sandham (TS)
Tom is an award-winning writer who has contributed to and edited leading drink industry magazines. He has also written for national newspapers and magazines and is co-author of the Good Beer Guide: West Coast USA.

Conrad Seidl (CS)
Conrad is a Vienna-based writer. He has regular columns on beer in Falstaff and is regularly published in German and American magazines, including All About Beer and Brewer’s Guardian. He is the founder of Kampagne fur Gutes Bier and the editor of Conrad Seidl’s Bierguide.

Eugenio Signoroni (ES)
Eugenio has graduated with a degree in Gastronomic Sciences in 2008 and worked on the Italian Beer Guide 2009. He has also worked with The World of Fine Wine magazine and assisted guidebooks and restaurants as a consultant and cook.

Stefania Siragusa (SS)
Stefania was born in Torino, Italy, and is a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Science. She writes about gastronomy for Italian magazines and collaborates with the international journal of Haute Cuisine Apicius, published by Montagud Editores (Spain).

Joe Strange (JS)
Joe is a freelance journalist living in Brussels. Along with brewer Yvan De Baets, he is co-author of Around Brussels n 80 Beers, published by Cogan & Mater ( Joe is a former Associated Press reporter and hails from Springfield, Missouri.

Adrian Tierney-Jones (ATJ)
Adrian is an award-winning freelance journalist. He started off working for the rock music press, but these days it’s beer, brewing, and pubs that gets him up in the morning. Author of several books, and contributor to many magazines and newspapers, he scours the United Kingdom and Europe in search of beer.

Sally Toms (ST)
Sally was editor of Beers of the World magazine from 2006 to 2009. She is a regular judge in the World Beer Awards and enjoys writing about beer almost as much as drinking it.

John Westlake (JW)
John is an award-winning member of the British Guild of Beer writers. He has visited every continued where beer is brewed and over 150 individual countries in search of interesting and unusual beer styles.

Rafal Zakrzewski (RZ)
Rafal is one of the founders of He holds a doctorate in law from University of Oxford and works as a solicitor with Clifford Chance.

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