708: Ryan O’Sullivan’s Imperial Stout

This brew is as black as a moonless night. It has a rich mocha head that stays thick and an inviting malty aroma. Roasted sweet malt base, with a touch of vanilla and a hint of cocoa.

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709: Wheat Wine Ale

Lacking the familiar hoppy aromatics of an American barleywine, it’s the malt of this hazy ping and burned-orange hybrid that shines on the nose. After the first sip, which is silky and...

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Jared Dubina Interview

Beers on the West Side with Jared Dubina

A few months ago we decided to visit Dubina Brewing. It's a new brewing company located on the west side of the Valley. As a matter of fact, it is actually pretty close to where we live, so...

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Red Poppy Ale

710: Red Poppy Ale

Lovely ruby and brown in the glass, with aromas of sour dark fruits apparent from the start. Sweet caramel and red fruit flavors are juicy met with tart sour cherries and pleasant notes...

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Sam Adams Utopias

711: Sam Adams Utopias

Strong, aromatic notes of caramel, hazelnut candy, and maple syrup. Intended for measured sipping, it crosses the tongue with a thin, oily coat of complex sweetness and angelic alcohol.

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Budvar Světlý Ležák

712: Budvar Světlý Ležák

A world-class pilsner, deep gold with a thick, long-lasting, creamy head. The Saaz hop aroma is spicy, peppery, and tinged with notes of citrus blossoms; in the mouth, it is full...

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